Download Vs. Instant Play Casinos

When it comes to playing mobile casino games there are two ways you can access the myriad of entertainment options on offer. Instant Play or in-browser gaming offers its own pros and cons, as does downloading casino software, or a casino app. In the war between the two it’s hard to pick a direct winner, as each has its merits, and suits different situations and playing styles. Let’s weigh up instant play vs. download and see what makes each one a great option.

Download Casinos

Download casinos require players to download a small software package and install it on their mobile device. This process is simple, and much like installing any other app, once installed, players can access the casino from their home screen.

The best mobile casinos offer free real money casino apps that are safe and do not contain any malware or viruses. This is of course something you need to consider, as a less than reputable app may not be safe, and may compromise your device. There are an abundance of real money casino apps available at online casinos, and iOS and Android devices are well catered for, as are other popular platforms.

Although you cannot download a casino app from the iStore or Google Play Store there are App Stores such as Cherry Rush that cater to real money players looking for download casino entertainment. Cherry Rush is the world’s first Android casino real money app store and offers a great way for players to find top class apps in an instant.

Advantages of Download Casinos

Download casinos offer several advantages:

  • Better Graphics: The game graphics are usually far better as they do not have to load in-browser.
  • Better Game Features: In the same way that graphics do not have to load in-browser, neither do features, so download casino games may have enhanced features.
  • Reliable Gaming: Download casinos offer a smoother, more reliable gaming experience as they based locally on your machine, rather than in browser.

Download Casino Disadvantages

The biggest problem with download casinos is that they can only be accessed from the device you have downloaded and installed the software on. This means that switching between devices is not a possibility, and in order to play you need to complete a download first.

Instant Play Casinos

Instant play casinos simply require you to navigate to an online casino in your web browser, and start playing. There is no download required and you’ll have immediate access to a selection of online casino games. For new players this may be the best option as there is no commitment required, and it’s also great if you want to play for free first. Once you are happy with what a casino has to offer, you may find yourself opting for the download version instead.

Instant Play Advantages

At a glance, it may seem that instant play casinos offer more advantages, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Play Anywhere: With no download casinos you can access great gaming anywhere, anytime, in an instant. These casinos are called instant play for good reason, as there is no waiting around for a download to complete. Playing in-browser also requires less memory, so if you are low on space, this is an excellent option.

Play Across Devices: If you make use of different mobile devices, prefer swapping from Android smartphone to iPad and so forth, no download casinos allow you to do just that, quickly and easily. You can play on any device and any OS, and if you have signed up at a casino that is compatible across these platforms you can use the same login throughout.

No Download Required: Some players feel unsafe downloading casino apps onto their mobile devices, but with instant play gaming this isn’t a requirement Some casinos also only offer instant play games, and this means that if you prefer playing this way, you may have more options available to you.

Instant Play Casino Disadvantages

As can be expected, when accessing instant play casinos the speed of the Internet and the stability of your connection plays a huge role. If the connection is slow or jittery, you won’t enjoy a seamless experience. Additionally, as the games have to load in-browser they won’t have as good graphics or special features as their downloadable counterparts.

No download casinos may also not remember your details, so you’ll have to enter your password and login every time you play, and this can make you more vulnerable online.

Play Your Way

Choosing between instant play and download casinos comes down to what suits you. However you choose to access mobile casino games, you can rest assured that when you play at the Canadian casinos we recommend, you’ll enjoy the very best possible experience, every time. Our instant play sites and recommended casino apps are safe, secure and top class, and have proven to deliver a premium gaming experience across all intended platforms.