VIP and Loyalty Programmes

The Android casinos that we recommend for you here are always high quality and rewarding, but when you take advantage of their VIP and Loyalty Programmes, you will experience the best treatment of all.

The online and mobile casino world is a seriously cutthroat industry, so sites use these programmes to pamper you and keep you happy. They’re chasing your business, so you should never have to settle for anything less than spectacular!

Most Android casinos in Canada offer both VIP and Loyalty Programmes. Some Loyalty Programmes allow automatic entrance when you register as a player, while for others you need to enlist. With VIP Programmes, they are often reserved for very high rollers or frequent players and are available via invites only. Essentially, the more you play, the more rewarded you are. Comp points are the basis of all of this.

Comp Points and How They Work

Comp points are earned with every real-money bet that you place at an Android casino. You will get points with each wager, but there are also often promotions that will award you even more points if you play certain games or make deposits of a certain size. The more points you get, the higher you will rise up the tiers of the Loyalty Programme. The higher up in the Loyalty Programme you get, the more perks you will unlock.

You can usually also exchange comp points for casino credits so that you can play even more, or sometimes even for real cash. The higher up the Loyalty Club ladder you go, the higher your status. If the casino of your choice operates with an invite-online VIP Club this may culminate in you getting initiated, or you may simply become a top-level Loyalty Club member.

The Perks You Can Expect

Since you were going to be playing Android casino games anyway and are now getting extra benefits for doing it, most people look at the Loyalty and VIP Club special treatments as added bonuses, no matter what they are. It’s true that if you are starting out, getting something for nothing and then moving on from there, it can only be a good situation. You can rest assured, however, that our recommended Android casinos have gone all out for you. From the very beginning, you’ll get great rewards.

Earlier Loyalty Programme benefits including earning more comp points and earning them faster, quicker withdrawals, and exclusive bonuses and promotions. As you progress, you can expect invitations to exclusive events, live tables and private games, dedicated personal account managers available to you at all time, and personal gifts. Some VIP Programmes even host elite land-based events for their members.

Not All VIP Programmes are the Same

While the basic premise of VIP and Loyalty Clubs at Android casinos is generally the same, you’ll see many different structures, requirements and perks as you explore your playing options in Canada. First of all, you get different amounts of comp points for different games or deposits, and the way you are allowed to redeem them is also quite variable. Some Android casinos actually theme point redemption around a Loyalty or VIP Store that is accessible via the main lobby. Choosing your own reward makes things more personal, interactive and enjoyable.

The number of levels or tiers within a Loyalty Programme also differs from casino to casino; there can be as little as 3 or as many as 7. The point requirements to reach new levels and maintain your status is also quite casino-specific. Having said all that, though, you might find that many of your favourite Canadian Android casinos offer the same VIP and Loyalty Programmes. Some establishments operate portfolios of casinos, and they tend to feature the same reward clubs.

If you are playing at an Android casino that is part of a linked group, you can often use the points that you earn at any of them to play at all of them. All points will also add to your overall Loyalty or VIP ranking, so you’ll get even more benefits. If you find a set of Android casinos that you genuinely enjoy and that offer a single rewards scheme, consider focusing your gambling activities there. You will notice a much faster rate of Loyalty and VIP Programme perks!

VIP Benefits all the Way

It costs nothing to join a VIP or Loyalty Programme, and you would be playing and enjoying yourself at an Android casino anyway, so there is literally no downside to enlisting. Dedicating some time to finding the Programmes that will reward you the most will only make your sessions even more rewarding. Check out some of the superb options that we have showcased for you now, and then start earning points and reaping the rewards!