Online Casino Slots: Portrait or Landscape Orientation?

If you’re trying to choose an online casino, Canada has many of the best options in the world, and a lot of them are available for Android tablets and smartphones. Slots from these online gambling destinations will play well on whatever device you are using, whether you have your orientation as landscape or portrait.

As the aspect ratios on mobile devices change, the debate around portrait versus landscape rages on, among designers and gamers alike. In general there is a 60/40 split in favour of portrait orientation for smartphone users, and the exact opposite when it comes to tablets. So when you’re playing at a casino online using your Android device, what is the best orientation for you to use?

More Detail: The Case for Landscape Orientation

The landscape orientation on your mobile device allows for more details to be seen on the screen, which is especially important for video slots. You want to see the different graphics and animations properly, and to appreciate all the work that the developers put into the game.

As well as more detail overall, remember that video slots have 5 reels as opposed to the 3 reels that the classic games usually have. Overall, therefore, 3 reel slots do better in a portrait orientation than 5 reel video slots do, but in both cases you’ll get a more immersive, natural feel to your game if you play it in landscape orientation. Seeing all the controls that you have at your fingertips will be easier too.

Single-Handed Play: The Case for Portrait Orientation

Studies have found that only 15% of mobile device users hold them in the landscape position and use both hands to control their games. Handsets are all about more convenience, and blending in with the rest of your busy life. Android casinos are a perfect example of this, allowing you to enjoy online gambling on the go. A lot of the time, when you’re doing this, you need to be using one hand to play and another hand to do something else.

If you’re grabbing a few spins on your lunchbreak, for example, you’ll need to have a hand free to eat your sandwich. Playing while you commute to work on a bus or a train will often mean that you need to hold onto something to stay secure as you travel, and will therefore have only one hand to operate your game with. In these cases, using a portrait orientation is essential.

Decide Based on Your Situation

Portrait or landscape orientation comes down to what is happening at the time, and your personal preferences. You might like playing in the landscape position more, but if you are standing on a train you’ll have no choice but to use the portrait orientation on your device. On the other hand, you might prefer the portrait visuals, but if the game you’re playing is very detailed you may only see everything you need to see if you switch the orientation to landscape.

You may also find that you enjoy the portrait orientation for 3 reel games and the landscape display for video slots, or that you choose video slots if you have to use the landscape position and classic games if you need to use the portrait display. Try both orientations for each type of casino online game and see what you like better, and rest assured that if you are playing at one of our recommended online casino Canada sites and using an Android tablet or smartphone, you are guaranteed smooth functionality and a great time. Happy spinning and winning!