How to Protect Your Mobile Casino Username and Password

We’ve got all the best options for a safe online casino in Canada for you here, and you can trust any site that we review. They’ve all been checked to make sure that they meet our standards, and they’re all licensed and regulated by recognised authorities because they maintain international operator requirements.

The establishments we list are all committed to ensuring their players’ safety, but it’s a good idea for you to take some precautions too. Nothing is foolproof, and the more systems you have in place the more protected you’ll be. In addition to making sure you choose a secure casino online like the ones we recommend, you can also take a few other steps.

Specifically, you can do quite a lot to keep your username and password safe. We’ve listed the various precautions below.

Ways to Protect Your Login Details

  • First of all, check that the casino you’re interested in uses encrypted logins as this makes it a secure online casino. Some casinos have previously stored raw-form passwords and though this is not practiced much anymore, it poses a serious risk when it is. To be safe, contact the Customer Service Department to check about this if you’re unsure.
  • Choose verification questions that only you know the answer to, and design cryptic username and password clues that nobody else will understand. This way, if you forget your password or username, your account is still protected. And the prompts you set could help you, but nobody else, remember them.
  • Choose passwords that are mixes of letters, numbers and special characters, to make them more difficult to crack. If you use something personal to make it easier for yourself to remember, try to make it something that no one else knows – don’t use your date of birth or current street address, for example.
  • To make your passwords easier to remember but still difficult to hack, you can try to incorporate the name of the casino into your password. Just be sure to add some more details to it.

Password Safes and Managers

If you’re like most of us and have multiple usernames and passwords to remember for different sites, the best thing to do is often to visit your preferred app store and download a password safe or manager to your device. That way, you just have to remember one set of login details.

A password safe keeps the passwords that you create yourself secure, while a password manager does the same thing but generates the passwords for you automatically. They are totally random which makes them even more impenetrable.

All you need to do is log in to your password protection software when you go online, enter your master username and password, and then open whatever accounts you’re interested in using at the time. Your login details will be automatically filled in; you won’t need to remember anything else.

Be Sensible and Vigilant

The reality of criminals trying to get at your funds is grim even when playing at a safe online casino, but it is there and you do need to stay alert. When it comes to protecting your username and password, what you need to be very careful of here are phishing campaigns.

You’ll get a very official-looking email, which will ask you to fill in your login details to confirm your identity. Once the fraudsters have this information, they can log in and clean out your casino accounts. With sophisticated software they might even be able to access the payment systems you’ve enabled.

If you ever feel even a little uneasy about a security issue, don’t do whatever is being asked of you. You can always contact the Customer Service Department and complete whatever needs to be done after you’ve checked it is legitimate; it’s much better to be safe than sorry!