Understanding Random Number Generators

A Random Number Generator is at the heart of every single online casino game that does not involve a live dealer. Since online games exist virtually, you cannot have a real person roll the craps dice, spin the roulette wheel or shuffle a deck of cards to determine the outcomes of the games.

The mechanical operations that a human would use to determine the outcome of these events has been to be replaced by a computer program that can duplicate the randomness of these events.

For example if a player throws a dice in craps, the dealer and other players do not know how hard he will be throwing the dice, at what angle or in what direction.

You also won’t know which side of the dice faced up when he threw them, how smooth the sides of the dice are to determine the role of air resistance and multiple other factors. To recreate this in a virtual casino environment, we employ RNG software.

What Is True Randomness?

True randomness is a sign of fair casino games. You can try to understand true randomness by imagining a sequence of a million numbers.

True randomness means that if you ran the process to generate a million numbers again and again, no two set of million number sequences will be exactly alike, and no outside person can in any way determine what the next 1 million numbers are that will be generated.

This is why Random Number Generators are integral in not just keeping the games fair, but is also plays a large role in protecting both online casinos and players from frauds and cheats.

How RNG’s Work

The process that fuels random number generator casino games is quite simple.  The software will start with an initial “seed” number, which is either selected or taken from the environment. This seed number will then be run through a specially designed algorithm that runs in the software to turn that initial seed into a set of random numbers within seconds. These generated sets are then used as further seed numbers to continue the random number generation process.

In the days before digital technology, humans would generate random numbers, ironically enough, with casino game paraphernalia. Most commonly, the results from coin tosses would be tallied or the outcomes of a set of dice rolls. Methods that are more complex also exist using roulette wheels or shuffled cards.

Testing For Randomness

It is all good and well to say that Random Number Generator software is fair, produces fair results and we would have to believe that. We cannot possibly hope to test the results even if we knew the algorithm used and the initial seed number.

Luckily, for us, there are third party companies who are trained professionals in the world of statistics and algorithms who will audit RNG software. These companies, like iTech labs will provide casinos with the results of the random number audits test they did on the casino.

Fair online casinos will happily publish the results from their audits as a method of assurance to players. Random Number Generators are the saving grace of the online casino industry as it gives players peace of mind.