Progressive Jackpots at Android Casinos

Progressive jackpot games have always been popular and rewarding, but online and mobile casinos have taken them to dizzying new heights. Learn all about the extra thrills that these games can add to your playing session, and then start enjoying them at our recommended Android casinos.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a prize that is linked to a whole network of casino games, rather than just one that stands alone. Every time a player makes a real money bet on a game that forms part of the progressive jackpot network, a portion of it is added to a central pot. As you can imagine, the payouts that progressive jackpots offer very soon surpass anything that a single game could award. The best way to describe them, in fact, is probably as life-changing games.

What Type of Games offer Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots generally run as ‘side games’ to whatever main game you are playing. It’s usually optional to play them at all; you can simply enjoy the main game without trying for the progressive jackpot. Because they are secondary to main game events, and can be triggered by almost anything, it’s very easy to attach them to almost any kind of casino game. Most progressive jackpots are triggered only when betting the maximum amount possible in the game.

You’ll find Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and Poker game versions that feature progressive jackpots, such as Roulette Royale, Tripe 7s Blackjack, Jackpot Deuces Video Poker and Cyberstud Poker, and there are even some live dealer games that feature progressive jackpots at certain casinos too. The biggest group of casino games featuring progressive jackpots, however, is Slots.

Every kind of Slots game has the ability to feature a progressive jackpot, so you can find them in simpler Classic Slots games and their more detailed Video Slots game counterparts. Since the immediate nature of Slots makes them so perfect for playing on the go, this is especially good news for Android users. Look out for Playtech’s Gold Rally and Age of the Gods, Microsoft’s Treasure Nile, Mega Fortune and Super Lucky Frog by NetEnt, as well as Microsoft’s Cash Splash to see how diverse progressive jackpot slots can be, and then explore the many other titles for yourself.

How are Progressive Jackpots Triggered?

As we mentioned, progressive jackpots can be triggered by any sort of event. In roulette, they are often awarded for the ball landing in the same slot a number of times, and you can imagine getting the jackpot in craps if you throw the same dice total a specific number of times in a row. In card games, the progressive jackpot is usually activated by landing a certain hand, and in slots, by the formation of a specific pattern of symbols. The jackpots can also be triggered at random in any type of game too, of course.

Once a progressive jackpot has been triggered, it may be awarded to you immediately or you may need to fulfil other requirements before you get it. You might need to land the ball in other specific slots on the roulette wheel, for example. In slots, you often need to complete side games before claiming your jackpot win. Whatever the case, the one thing you can be sure of is that nothing will ever feel quite as good as that moment when you realise that you are the lucky player who has just won the progressive jackpot.

Basic Strategy Advice

You really don’t need to change much about your playing style when you wager on a progressive game as opposed to a non-progressive game. They work in the same way, but it is worth remembering, especially with slots, that progressive jackpot games do not make small, frequent payouts. When the rewards are so extravagant, there are not really funds for that. So if you’re going to bet small and hope for consistent, small wins, progressive jackpots may not be the games for you.

More Rewarding Payouts Online

Land-based progressive jackpots may link games or slots machines in a certain area of a casino together, or those found in a few different casinos together. Casino games and machines can even be linked over an entire state, and there is no doubt that the payouts from these jackpots are very lavish and much bigger than what you could win on a non-progressive game. But they simply cannot compete with online and mobile casino progressive jackpot games.

Thanks to the incredible resources of the Internet, online progressive jackpot networks stretch right around the world. They include more players than you can imagine, making more contributions than you can imagine, to generate prizes bigger than your wildest dreams. It’s just another way that Android casinos aim to please, making jackpot wins accessible to every player. A big win could be at your fingertips right now!