Virtual Pitbosses at Online Casinos

Whether you are playing at a desktop or Android casino online, you may go months or even years without ever coming into contact with the Pitboss. They feature a lot more prominently in land-based casinos, but they are still important when you’re using your Android device or any other machine for gambling online.

What Do Land-Based Pitbosses Do?

At brick-and-mortar casinos in Canada and the rest of the world, Pitbosses tour the Pit, where the table games are situated, and look after all the employees there. From the dealers to the floormen and even the staff who bring in extra chips, everyone is under the watchful eye of the sombrely dressed Pitboss.

If a player abuses any employee in any way, the Pitboss steps in. In the same way, if an employee is ever out of line, it is the responsibility of the Pitboss to deal with them. They monitor the way personnel dress and behave very strictly, schedule everyone’s breaks and ensure all operations run smoothly.

If you’re having any kind of issue with a casino employee, from a dealer you think might be cheating to not getting more chips when you need them, you can complain to the floor manager of a land-based casino or simply go straight to the top and speak to the Pitboss. He or she will deal with the problem swiftly, and can also close game tables and authorise cash-outs. Lastly, land-based Pitbosses watch for potential high rolling or fraudulent casino players so that they can give them VIP treatment or tell security staff to watch them carefully. In short, a Pitboss is essential to keeping the Pit of a brick-and-mortar casino ticking over and making money.

What Do Online Casino Pitbosses Do?

At all the best mobile casinos, be it for the Android platform or any other OS, strict standards are maintained. There are lots of methods used to achieve this, but one of the most important tools is the online, or Virtual, Pitboss. They are not visible and don’t deal with day-to-day issues in the Pit as their land-based counterparts do, though some of their responsibilities are similar.

Firstly, Virtual Pitbosses do not identify VIP or problematic players in the same way that brick-and-mortar Pitbosses do. The sheer volume of players at an Android casino mobile online site would make that impossible, and the digital casino’s fraud department and casino hosts take on the task instead. The hosts are often dedicated to VIP players only at the best mobile casinos, and will contact them directly to arrange special treatment.

Where you might often have an issue with the way a game goes in a land casino, due to human error, and thus need to consult the Pitboss; in conventional online casino games this is not the case. Random Number Generation is infallible, if you are playing at a respected site with audited and endorsed software. For live dealer games, of course, the Virtual Pitboss may well need to step into this role and resolve game issues as they would have to on land. If you have an issue with your live dealer, ask to speak to the Pitboss. Your dealer will contact the Boss, who will join the live chat feed on your game and work to resolve the problem quickly.

The other issue that may arise and require the need for a Virtual Pitboss is if there is a technical problem, like a faulty Internet connection, that affects the outcome of your game. If you’re in any doubt about the results and the wins you are entitled to, contact the Customer Service Department and ask to speak to the Pitboss. They will rule on the situation in the way that is most fair to you, such as allowing you to re-spin the reels of a slots game if you went offline while you were playing, or refunding your bet. The action taken will, of course, depend on the specific situation.

The best online mobile casino will have a Pitboss or someone who fills the same role, and you can rest assured that they will always ensure you enjoy a top class gaming experience that’s fair and unbiased.