Hippodrome Mobile Casino Review

It started off as a land-based casino, which is still a landmark establishment in the UK. Then it conquered the online space when it started offering casino games to internet users and now it’s making waves on the mobile web! The Hippodrome Mobile Casino brings its award-wining software and service to Canadian Android smartphone and tablet users and not a minute too soon! The Hippodrome is a bit of a rare case, but it’s started something which will likely develop into a trend – the land-based casino becoming an online and mobile casino. The actual UK casino has been on the ground since 2012 and is housed in an old building rich with the legacy of entertainment. It is this rich legacy that the guys and girls behind the brand have work hard to bring into the online space. You might not be able to dine at the casino’s Heliot Steak House or take in a show at the theatre, but you’ll still get a taste for the vibe of this classy establishment by way of their mobile casino.

The Hippodrome Gaming Selection

The Hippodrome mobile casino selection comes compliments of the Microgaming brand, a wise choice for any land-based casino looking to enter cyberspace. With a force like Microgaming behind them, the Hippodrome has been able to jettison itself into the online and mobile space. This is something that would have taken much longer had the casino opted to develop its own gaming software. Luckily with Microgaming no time has been lost and the Hippodrome has successfully launched its brand to online players. And quite frankly, it looks amazing. Time and effort has gone into the development of the website, and it does show. If you thought the land-based casino oozed style, class and elegance, wait until you see this website!

And what a selection that Microgaming have gifted them with! You’ll get 5 reel mobile slots games, roulette, progressive jackpots, blackjack, video poker and live casino games. Of course a good selection is only matched by a good welcome bonus, and the Hippodrome are not skimping on that in any way! You’ll get up to C$1 000 in bonus cash when you make that first deposit.

Go Mobile, Go Live!

Technology is truly a blessing and with the Hippodrome Mobile casino you’ll see this when you try out their live casino games. Imagine being able to see real people giving you real bets on the screen of your phone or tablet? This is the miracle of live casino gaming, an innovation that has taken the internet gambling world by storm and one that can be taking your android device by storm too! If you’re ready to look upon some attractive croupiers and enjoy games like French Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker or Live Baccarat, then you’re going to fall in love with the live casino games available to you the minute you sign-up to play for real cash with the Hippodrome Casino.

What We Liked

An online or virtual casino experience has its pitfalls but we must commend the Hippodrome for recreating its land-based experience within the mobile space. As a mobile casino, this operator delivers great games and great player incentives.

What We Disliked

In today’s ever evolving internet casino industry you either need to specialise or you should do you best to include more gaming options in your portfolio. If there’s one thing missing from the Hippodrome it would be sports betting.


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