Casino Scouts To Integrate Patent Into Mobile Gaming App

Harry Coulter | 06 Nov 2017

Casino Scouts To Integrate Patent Into Mobile Gaming AppLas Vegas-based casino operator Casino Scouts has recently announced that it has purchased the Robins/Hepworth patent for an undisclosed cash consideration. The purchase of the patent (USA #8, 142, 281) was processed on 30 October, with the firm revealing the news on the day of the transaction.

CEO of Casino Scouts, Stephen A. Crystal, Esq., commented on the purchase deal, noting that the Robins/Hepworth patent will provide a foundation through which his company can provide live casino gambling. This, in turn, will enable players to enjoy live games on their smartphones and tablets, all while playing within a casino setting, according to the executive.

This technology, Crystal noted, will become a part of Casino Scouts’ app offerings, through which players will be able to wager on and play live casino games such as Craps, Poker, Roulette, and even place live sports bets from their smart devices.

Players will also be able to do this without being tethered to a specific game or gaming table, and will also be able to enjoy the many other activities that the casino resort has to offer, stated the CEO.

Android App To Offer DFS, Social Casino Games And More

Crystal also noted that live casino game betting is only one of many aspects of his company’s mobile casino app, which is compatible with a variety of Android devices. As Casino Scouts previously revealed, the operator will also be offering premium gaming content and a mobile concierge service, all of which will be relevant and engaging for existing and future casino players.

This, he said, also includes extensive support for events and tournaments, social casino gaming opportunities, daily fantasy sports, and much more.

The mobile app will make use of the latest technologies to improve these experiences, and the patent acquisition is expected to help even more in this department.

More About Casino Scouts LLC

Casino Scouts LLC was established in 2015 with the aim of providing the newest marketing and operational technology for the casino gaming industry. Offering solutions that are designed to provide an immersive and enjoyable player experience, the company draws inspiration both from traditional 1950’s Las Vegas-style gaming and also the latest trends and technologies in the gaming industry.

Casino Scouts’ multi-distribution model for casino gaming uses mobile operating systems like Android to enable players to extend the casino fun beyond the floor of their favourite gaming venue, and play anywhere and anytime using their mobile devices of choice.

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