Casinos Not Offering Android Games Fall Behind

Harry Coulter | 21 Dec 2017

Casinos Not Offering Android Games Fall Behind

Android has always been one of the world’s most popular operating systems, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. However, it was in April that the OS reached its greatest landmark yet, overtaking Windows as the world’s most popular online operating system.

This came as no surprise to experts, and statistics firms like StatCounter even predicted Android’s success over desktop operating systems months before it actually came to be. Android now owns well over 38% of the share of global web traffic – above Windows, Mac, and iOS – as well as hitting a whopping 88% of the mobile market share back in Q3 2016, a figure which has not faltered since.

A Myriad Of Choices For Players

Android’s massive growth is a testament to how quickly the mobile industry is surging as a whole. Expected to reach a value of $108.9 billion by the end of this year, the mobile gaming market is fast becoming more lucrative than traditional desktop gaming itself, and Android is at the helm of this success.

Considering this, it’s easy to see why so many casinos have taken an Android-first approach when developing their own mobile casino apps and games. Apple devices might be simpler to create apps for as they use a single operating system across all handsets, but the widespread reach of Android has made it many developers’ first choice regardless.

There are many benefits to playing casino games from Android devices as well. Google’s open source operating system can be found across a myriad of smartphone and tablet brands, including Samsung, Huawei, and more. With so many OS versions and so many choices, players are able to choose gaming devices that suit their specific needs and budgets far more effectively than with any other mobile software system.

Non-Android Casinos Left In the Dust

Android is also favoured in developing countries across Asia and Africa, putting Android casino operators in a unique position to establish themselves in these growing markets and gain reputability among players who require affordable smartphones and tablets.

It is clear that casinos that do not cater to Android devices will quickly fall behind, especially considering that there are now over 2 billion Android-powered phones and tablets on the market today. Android even holds the upper echelons of the gaming market with Samsung’s flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, giving it access to the full market spectrum in every sense.

Apple is now attempting to catch up with its integration of new features similar to that of upper-tier Android smartphones, but for now, it is still relatively far away from overtaking its rival as the world’s most popular operating system. Android is definitely here to stay, and casino operators who don’t optimise their products for this operating system may soon see their revenues beginning to fall as the mobile gaming revolution comes to a crest.

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