Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Harry Coulter | 28 Aug 2018

What do our dreams mean?So you had that dream again. The one where you forgot to do your homework even though you’ve been out of school for years. Or you’re stranded on a desert island. Or, you’re playing at an online casino and you win the jackpot… You wake up and wonder what it all means, and what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

But do dreams really have meaning? Many would say probably not. But there are some who claim that the symbolism and images in dreams can actually be deciphered, and offer insight into your life and how you feel about it. Furthermore, analysing these symbolism may even help you understand your true, hidden self.

Dream Science

As far as scientific study goes, dreaming and sleeping is one of the least understood subjects in the world. Even today, with advanced technology and better equipment than ever before, most researchers still scratch their heads. There are some things that are known, however, such as the importance of REM sleep.

REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, is when dreaming occurs. The fact that the eyes move means that the sleeper is “seeing” things, indicating that dreams are occurring. Everyone has REM sleep, although one interesting fact to keep in mind is that it is far more frequent in newborn babies. Babies spend about 80% of their time in REM sleep, while adults spend only 25% of their time in this state. It is not known why, but theories are that dreaming of this kind helps the brain develop and mature. What babies dream about however is anyone’s guess!

Sleeping In History And Culture

As far as the ancient Egyptians were concerned, dreaming was important enough to warrant those trained in the art. How this training was done is unclear, and what set one person apart from another in skill level is also not known. But trained dreamers (a bit like Shaman) were so revered that they were allowed to help plan important battles, and even give advice on state decisions. The levels of success are not recorded, but those employed with sleeping sure had it good.

In ancient Greece and Rome dreams were sometimes seen as future predictions, and authorities planned events accordingly. Alternatively it was also believed that sleep could be invaded by the dead, offering brief interaction with deceased loved ones.

Water dreams interpretedPopular Dream Interpretations

Many have dreams about being chased. It is suggested that such occurrences are symbolic of the dreamer not facing issues in their life, and so end up running from them in an endless cycle. Thought should be given as to what it is that is being avoided, and why. Facing problems is always preferable to avoiding them.

In movies, water is very commonly used to signify a mental change in a character. It turns out that your brain might use the same symbolism. It is suggested that the quality of water is a signal of the subconscious. The more troubled the water, the more troubled the subconscious.

The appearance of vehicles might reflect how we think our lives are progressing, and what obstacles may be hindering the journey.

Seeing friends, family or loved ones is said to not be a representation of that person, but rather reflecting aspects of ourselves. The ancient Romans would disagree, should that person be dead.

Being in a difficult situation at school is theorised to be a “brain pun. It is not necessarily literal school you are visiting in the sleepy world, but rather the school of life. What lessons are you dealing with in the real world, and are you dealing with them in a healthy way?

These interpretations are just the tip of the iceberg, and if you’re really into dream science you’ll be able to find a lot more information on the subject. Although, at the end of the day, every dream meaning really is just a commonly accepted consensus rather than hard fact, and that’s what makes dreaming so intriguing.