Microgaming Donates to Hospital

Harry Coulter | 01 Jun 2018

Microgaming Donates to HospitalMicrogaming is well known for its regular donations to charities and other worthy causes in need. Now, the UK developer’s latest donation, made via the Microgaming Health & Care Trust to Noble’s Hospital, has assisted in funding an emergency simulation system used to train hospital staff to deal with major, life-threatening accidents.

Microgaming’s donation has been invested by the hospital into purchasing the Emergo Train System (ETS), which is a globally recognized training system. The tool simulates emergency situations that involve major casualties, ranging from chemical accidents to natural disasters, disease epidemics and more.

ETS Simulation System Purchased

The ETS system is available to all staff at Noble’s Hospital, including ambulance staff. It will enable medical teams to gain knowledge and experience in uncommon to rare critical care situations, allowing them to learn and prepare in a low-stress environment. Additionally, ETS also allows the hospital to exercize and review its current major accident strategies, helping it to refine its emergency response protocols.

According to Gareth Davies, the Hospital Lead for Emergency Preparedness at Noble’s Hospital, the medical centre is very grateful to the Microgaming Health & Care Trust for the donation. According to Davies, Microgaming has given the hospital an incredible tool to stress test its major accident protocols, which can be used multiple times by every department in the hospital for years to come.

The Lead also noted that the Emergo system will significantly improve the preparedness of the hospital’s staff, as well as helping to ensure that its plans of action are up to date. This, Davies said, will help the facility to transform the way it simulates and deals with critical care scenarios, enabling it to offer its staff even more essential skills.

Dr Clague Comments on Donation

Dr Roy Clague, the Chairman of the Microgaming Health & Care Trust, has also commented on the donation. He noted that the preparedness and strength of the Isle of Man’s healthcare staff is crucial, and that the ETS simulation system will help to strengthen the staff’s real-world communications, responses, teamwork, and crisis management protocols during major events.

Clague also added that Microgaming is always pleased to contribute to investments in the training of Noble’s Hospital staff, helping them to continue to supply the best possible medical care to the British island’s residents.

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