Realistic Games’ Revolutionizes Mobile Roulette

Harry Coulter | 01 Aug 2018

Roulette for Mobile Devices from Realistic GamesRealistic Games. The name says it all. And this team of developers is really living up to the name in a big way. The brand have come up with an idea that will enable players accessing Roulette from a mobile device to enjoy the same real-world casino experience as those are physically playing on location. The name of the game? Realistic Roulette.

Getting up close and personal with everyone’s favourite wheel of fortune has never been a more fun experience, especially when playing on a smartphone or tablet. The game has been designed to run on 3D graphics, and players are able to tilt and change the entire view as they go along. This ensures a very real-life and authentic experience.

Building On Success

Realistic Roulette follows the same concept as the company’s recent slot release, Black Ice. So life-like is the 3D optical trickery that it’s easy to become convinced that it’s a real ball making its way around and around the wheel.

The brand’s Commercial Director, Robert Lee, commented on the new online roulette game. Lee referred to the release of the recent slot, and likened the new 3D Roulette to the realistic slot experience, saying that there was no difference in what players really wanted from a game, and that this was why it was important for them to follow the same successful concept. Ultimately, realism is what players want.

Offering Authenticity And Quality

Lee also referred to the fact that players wanted a quality product. People are generally able to tell the difference between something that has been slapped together in haste merely to get a product out there, and a game that has been thoughtfully put together.

Lee explained that the real lure of the game was its innovative features. He referred to the fact that more experienced players, players who have been playing especially Roulette for a long time, would certainly appreciate the authenticity, because of the fact that it so closely resembles the real experience. Younger players were bound to be impressed by the special 3D effects, top-quality sounds, and special features that were part and parcel of the title.

In conclusion, Lee said that the team was especially proud of Realistic Roulette as it would offer operators the opportunity to offer a product to their players that was truly unique and something unlike what everyone else was doing.