New Technology Brings Casinos Even Closer To Players

Harry Coulter | 09 Oct 2017

Mobile Brings Casino Closer to PlayersThe advent of online casinos forever changed the way we gamble, offering everything from online poker rooms to digital slot machines. And with more than 30% of the UK’s gambling revenues now generated from online gaming, online and mobile casinos are expected to continue to dominate the market as more and more players opt for an on-the-go experience.

Smartphones and tablets have, in fact, been one of the largest contributors to the online gambling surge, thanks to their convenience and portability. Mobile casinos enable players to play virtually any game they please at any time or location – and this unprecedented convenience is bringing casinos right to players’ fingertips like never before.

9 out of 10 Britons now own a smartphone, and the pressure for gambling operators to tap into this massive new market is mounting. Mobile devices running Android and iOS systems offer better storage, memory and internet speeds than many PCs, making them the ideal vessels through which to play interactive real money casino games.

Android Dominates The Market With Its Liberal Views

Currently, about 99% of the UK’s smartphone market is dominated by Apple and Android devices – but with Apple devices only able to run Apple-facing software, Google’s Android is currently dominating the industry with over 65% of its market share.

When it comes to Android casinos and software, almost everything is influenced by Google and distributed through the Google Play Store. This can sometimes be a bugbear for mobile gamblers as Google often removes real money gambling apps from its international Play Store.

However, this could soon change altogether, with Google deciding in July that real money gambling apps can now be offered through the French, UK, and Irish versions of its app store.

QR Technology Could Further Revolutionise Mobile Gaming

This came as massive news for casino operators, who can now offer native apps on the Play Store, offering a better and a more responsive player experience. There are also definite benefits associated with being able to play from native apps rather than web-based mobile casinos, as native apps are designed specifically for different operating systems, offering smoother gaming and features that are tailored to Android devices.

The newest innovation in the mobile casino world is expected to further revolutionise the market as well. QR code technology is being used by casino operators to advertise, create promotions, and offer bonuses, all while creating a unique connection between the online and offline worlds.

QR codes allow players to scan and play their games of choice, and on operators’ sides, casinos can use unique codes to identify each of their services with ease. QR codes can even be scanned to download a mobile casino directly onto an Android device, saving players even more time and creating instant casino access.

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