Responsible Gambling App Gets Attention

Harry Coulter | 12 Jan 2018

Responsible Gambling App Gets AttentionSlotGuru stole casino news headlines at the beginning of last year when they released an application that sends slots game information directly to a player’s mobile phone. The application was designed with the cultivation of better engagement between casinos and players in mind, specifically with responsible gambling in mind.

A vast database of game and player dynamics is compiled by the application. The player is then able to access this information at a convenient time in order to gain a better understanding of his/her personal gaming habits as well as get to better grips with the variances of games.

According to a spokesperson for SlotGuru, the failure on the part of the player to understand his or her own player dynamics and game tendencies is the biggest hindrance when it comes to analysing what works and what doesn’t. In essence, the failure to make responsible gaming and gambling choices comes down to a lack of information and education.

Genting Casinos Makes Important Announcement

Genting Casinos has announced that it will promote the SlotGuru player education mobile application at all of its slot machine venues across the United Kingdom, for a period of three months.  Genting’s aim is to better educate players and to enable them to assess their own gaming habits. By having bought into the idea and promoting of the application, Genting Casinos are showing true commitment to the cause of responsible gambling.

Genting runs a total of 39 casinos in the UK. The application will be incentivised and promoted actively until the month of March. In September of last year, the casino group announced that it would deploy the application and initiative for an undisclosed period of time at a selection of their land-based casinos. The recent announcement by Genting Casinos is the fulfilment of that commitment in a tangible and measurable way.

Genting Casinos Managing Director, Mark Sergeant, was full of praise for the SlotGuru application, saying that since the casino group started promoting the use of the application, they have seen a marked improvement in player behaviour. It is apparent that the application holds many benefits for players. 

Sergeant went on to say that by promoting the application to players free of charge, it was possible for Genting Casinos to assist and support players how and when they needed it most. He said that the hope was that the application would ultimately benefit all Genting players across the United Kingdom. It is hoped that now, other brands will follow suite and tackle responsible gambling with as much dedication and vigour.