What The iPhone X Means For Android

Harry Coulter | 07 Dec 2017

What The iPhone X Means For AndroidAndroid has long been the king of the mobile gaming sector, offering affordable and technologically impressive smartphones and tablets that are capable of running a myriad of gaming software. However, experts are now wondering whether the release of the long-awaited iPhone X could affect Android’s market share, particularly when it comes to mobile gambling.

Apple’s iPhone X has been slated to be Apple’s chance to bridge the gap between Android devices and its own, offering specs and hardware that could change the game for mobile players. The new iPhone’s screen, for example, offers a high-resolution screen from DisplayMate that according to many rivals Android’s Super AMOLED screens, and face identification is a new feature on the iPhone X that Samsung has not yet mastered.

Great Features For Mobile Players

In terms of software, Apple’s software updates are available to the majority of its users, allowing everyone to operate on the same platform and minimising compatibility issues. Some feel that this is an advantage the company has over Android, as Google’s operating system has multiple different versions that can deliver different (and sometimes inferior) gaming experiences to their respective users.

Even the iPhone X’s cameras have been rumoured to rival those of the Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 by using a secondary telephoto lens for optimal image stabilisation for clearer pictures. However, despite all of these impressive features, even the most passionate Apple fans are willing to admit that the iPhone X still has some progress left to make.

Android still has the upper hand in terms of handset sensors, Face ID, and front-facing cameras. Samsung smartphones also support both PMA and Qi wireless charging, while Apple has only now begun to incorporate the Qi standard.

Still A Way To Go For Apple

In many ways, the Android vs. Apple debate is down to personal preference, and when it comes to determining whether or not the iPhone X will impact Android’s market share, the jury is still out. However, there are many advantages to Android devices that Apple itself has yet to master, including a wide range of mid- to high-tier devices for every budget, and top quality gaming specs at realistic prices.

So for now, it’s safe to say that while the iPhone X may be a great companion for gamers on the go, Android users may still find exactly what they need for a fantastic mobile gaming experience right in their own pockets.

The iPhone X may claim a small portion of Android’s share of the industry, but with over 2 billion Android users worldwide, Apple still has a long way to go before it can overtake its biggest competitor.

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