Is Google Play Changing Mobile Gaming?

Harry Coulter | 23 Oct 2017

Google Play Store vs Mobile GamingIn July, Google made the groundbreaking announcement that it would be allowing real money online gambling apps on its Google Play Store starting from August. These gambling apps have been permitted in the UK, Irish, and French versions of the Play Store to begin with, with Google noting that it may expand its new policy in coming months.

Google’s decision has signalled a shift in the internet giant’s perspective on real money gambling, and perhaps even one in the general public’s opinion of gambling as well. For a long time, the firm strictly forbid any cash gambling apps on its app store, but its change of heart could mean big changes on the horizon for the mobile gambling industry.

While these apps were prohibited by Google’s former policies, Android players were at a disadvantage, as they could not simple download their chosen casino apps as iPhone and iPad players could. Android users had to locate and download their apps from sources other than the Play Store, which compromised their safety and often proved to be a time-consuming process.

Android Casino Gaming Now Easier And Safer

However, Google’s choice to add gambling apps to its app store has opened many more doors for operators, who can now offer instant-download Android gambling apps and regular software updates to keep their players supplied with the latest innovations in mobile gaming and security.

Some experts even believe that there is now an Android app revolution on the horizon, as operators will now be able to attract many more players to their platforms thanks to increased app visibility and Google’s endorsement. Being featured on the Play Store will also provide much more cost-effective marketing for operators, allowing them to focus instead on providing more tempting bonuses and promotions for Android players.

Change Could Lead To Global Acceptance Of Gambling Apps

Of course, this is a big move for Google, and worldwide legalisation of real money gambling apps on the Play Store will not happen overnight. However, considering the massive success seen in the UK, Ireland and France so far, it may not be long before Google expands its policies to new territories, including major gaming regions like Europe and Canada.

Furthermore, companies who wish to have their gambling apps featured at the Play Store are now required to submit the apps and proof of licensing for review and approval, ensuring maximum safety for Android players as well.

This has come as big news for UK-based gambling operators, as Android is by far the most popular and widely-used operating system in the world. Operators in other countries are also remaining hopeful that Google will see fit to allow them to offer players their own apps through the Play Store, which would create a true global revolution in the way Android users enjoy real money casino gaming.

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