The Cherry Rush Android Casino App Store

The Cherry Rush app store is the only place you will find all the best real money Android casino apps from your favourite brands. These apps are specially designed to be Android compatible to provide you with the most comprehensive, smooth and safe online casino action, on the go.

Players will find in-depth casino reviews, game reviews and the latest trending apps all ready and waiting for them. An informed player is a happy player, and there is no better place to find expert opinions than the Cherry Rush app store!

What Is A Real Money App?

Real money casino apps are specially developed programs that are designed as part of an online casino’s platform. This software fully integrates with legal and licensed online casinos so that you can easily access your account and place real money bets on your favourite casino games.

Casino apps differ from the software you will find in the Play Store because they allow you to place real money bets. The casino themed games you will find in regular app stores are all designed for fun, while the apps you will find at Cherry Rush feature games that are designed to have an authentic casino feel to them.

Why Visit Cherry Rush?

Cherry Rush is the only reliable place to find Android apps for the best casinos from around the web. If you download apps from any other site you run serious risk of downloading malware or viruses. It is way too risky, especially if you are new to online gaming, to simply visit any site that claims to offer real money casino apps. It is very simple for hackers and scammers to wrap up their unwanted programs in a casino app package. Visit Cherry Rush instead, and download the safest apps.

The Cherry Rush App store features include:

  1. The Top Trending apps – Find the most popular apps amongst players based on the amount of downloads they have received. These apps are updated every day, so you know exactly what is currently the best place to get your real money action.
  2. Recommended apps – With the Cherry Rush recommended apps list you will know what apps are viewed by the experts as the best place to be when it comes to slots, table games and more.
  3. Games Of The Week – Every week, Cherry Rush updates its features on the best games doing the rounds at online casinos. Find out what the current hot games are or what new releases you should place a few wagers on.
  4. Comprehensive Casino Reviews – The Cherry Rush staff know what they are talking about when it comes to reviewing and rating the best Android casino apps. They have loads of experience in online gambling and they only give honest and insightful feedback to casino fans.

Elite Mobile Casino Gaming

Cherry Rush specialises in Android compatible apps that will work on any mobile device that runs on the Android platform. These apps will work with all devices, from tablets to smartphones, regardless of your device’s screen size or processing power. The last thing you want to encounter when making real money wagers online is glitchy software and stuttering gameplay!

Cherry Rush also offers players the choice of enjoying Instant Play games, rather than downloading an app, if this option is available. As an added perk, this Android exclusive store also directs iOS players to casino apps that will run on their devices, too.

The Benefits Of Using A Casino App

Downloading and using your Android friendly casino app from Cherry Rush is the safest and most rewarding way to get your casino gaming on the go.

It makes a lot of sense to install a Cherry Rush casino app for your mobile device as the benefits far outweigh the minimal effort you put in.

  1. Simple Navigation – Casino apps are designed in conjunction with the established standards of modern mobile devices so players can get a user-friendly system for easily managing their casino action.
  2. A more secure experience – When you make use of the casino app, you essentially cut out a lot of risk with regards to online security. The casino app connects directly to the casino servers, eliminating the inherent risks associated with using your browser. The combination of your phone’s security measures and the casino’s SSL encryption form a practically impenetrable channel to real money gaming action.
  3. Get the whole casino experience as intended – With the casino app installed, you can play every game in the casino’s library, not just the popular games available for in-browser gaming.
  4. Manage Your Entire Account – The casino app isn’t just a convenient way to play real money games, it also lets you manage every aspect of your account, from deposits and withdrawals to claiming bonuses and banking winnings.
  5. Unlock additional benefits – Many casinos will give you a reward of loyalty points or other promotional offers if you download and use the casino app.

Check out the Cherry Rush app store and see just how easy choosing and downloading a free real money casino app can be!