Live Dealer Gaming

Every so often there comes an innovation in the casino gaming arena that shakes things up a bit, causes a stir and causes the industry to evolve. The last big one was the arrival of mobile casino games for smartphone usage. Now live dealer games have arrived and once again, the industry has taken note and begun rolling it out on a large scale. Live dealer games have been well-received by the gaming public and have even made converts of those who formally viewed online casino games with a degree of scepticism. Fence-sitters have become players and those in the know have welcomed live dealer casino games with open arms. If you’re new to the concept of live dealer gaming, you’ll soon see why it’s enjoying such great popularity.

Real Games

One of the biggest reasons accounting for the tremendous popularity of live dealer casino games is the fact that these are real games of chance. By real, the implication is that they are live and happening in real-time. A traditional online casino game is constructed out of data and software but in the case of a live dealer casino game, an actual croupier oversees the game and is able to interact with the player. This means that you’ll be able to see the dealer on your screen, interact with him/her and make bets. Card and table games are the key games that make up for the range of live dealer casino games.

How it All Works

The technology of live dealer casino gaming is quite incredible and combines the best of both worlds to bring you its final product. Simplicity and brilliance have been forged in the fires of technology. Put another way, you’ve got your traditional table game, and by combining it with the technologies of the internet, you’re able to enjoy this table game in the comfort of your home and even when you’re out thanks to smartphone compatibility. So in essence, you’ve got your live dealer casino games for desktop or laptop use and you’ve got your mobile live dealer casino games for smartphone and tablet use. The games themselves all take place in specially erected casino studios or from actual land-based casinos through an online partnership. The games are then relayed through the operator, in this case the online casino that you have chosen to sign up with to you, the player.

Live Dealer Games to Play

Whether you’re on your laptop or on your Android smartphone, you’ll be able to get the thrills and enjoyment of live dealer casino games. All the major table games like poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack are available to play. These games all offer incredible immersion because they are real and conducted in lavish settings. Betting limits will vary to accommodate all pocket and wallet sizes while the user interface allows you to see where at the table you’ll be seated. Interaction with players and the croupier is possible, allowing for a nice social atmosphere. Live dealer casino games to play include:

These games all have variations and some also offer additional wagering options like Side Bets and Bet Behind – all applicable to the game of blackjack. Sign up today with any one of our leading Android casinos to enjoy the benefits and sheer gaming pleasure of live dealer casino gaming. Choose between JackpotCity, Royal Vegas and other great establishments to discover and enjoy the high-stakes world of live dealer gaming.

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