Scintillating Live Dealer Hold’em Games

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world, and the revival it has undergone since the internet made it possible for online play to take place has attracted even more Players. If you are looking for excitement, profitability, and innovation, you have come to the right place – we provide access to the best Live dealer Hold’em casino games Canada has to offer, and you can get started playing right away.

Live Dealer Poker Options for Canadian Players

Generally, Players who are looking for the mobile Live Dealer games Canada has to offer in terms of Poker will be able to choose between two game variations: Texas Hold’em, wherein nine Players compete against one another, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em, where you will be battling the Dealer.

If you are going to be playing Poker, then do so at the best Live dealer Hold’em Casinos in Canada. We provide ratings and reviews for you right here, and the reputable casinos that have ended up on our list provide not only great games but generous bonuses as well.

Difference between Live Dealer and Offline Games

The biggest difference you will notice when you play Poker at one of the mobile Live Dealer Casinos that are recommended here is that the limits are higher than usual. This means that you need to be able to adjust your bets according to the requirements that the casino has in place.

The Basics for Live Dealer Hold’em Play

You need to ensure that you know the basics of the game when you visit one of the best Live dealer Hold’em Casinos Canada has to offer, in order to ensure that you end up making a good return when the game draws to a close. Having a good strategy in place is recommended, as well, since you will not have a lot of time on your hands – your decisions need to be made quickly, and having thought these out beforehand will only serve you well.

The game will begin with you placing an Ante bet, after which you will be dealt two cards, facing up. The Dealer also receives two, but these cards will be facedown. A third card is then given to each of the Players taking part, and you and the rest of the individuals taking part in the game will need to decide whether to Call or to Fold, bearing in mind that the latter option will see the bet forfeited. Calling requires that you place another bet, which has to be at least double the amount wagered on the Ante, and after this the next two cards are dealt to Players.

You will then lose the round if the Dealer has managed to form a better Poker-ranked Hand. But, if both the Dealer and Player’s hands qualify, then the Ante bet is paid out according to the rules set by the paytable. If your hand beats the Dealer’s and qualifies, then you will also regain the wager you placed on the Call.

Bear in mind, however, that you will not be able to receive any odds on the Ante bet unless you win that hand – for example, you have a Full House, and the Dealer has Four of a Kind. This scenario will not have you eligible for receiving other the Odds or the Bonuses that the casino has offered. As you may have already worked out, your aim is not to defeat the other Players, but to best the Dealer, and get a Poker Hand that is better than the one the Dealer has. In order to qualify, you will need a Pair of 4s, or better.

Enjoy real time thrillls when you play the best Live dealer Hold’em Casino games in Canada!

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