American Roulette

When it comes to mobile casino roulette, avid gamers know exactly that they’re getting themselves into. Taking a gamble is the nature of roulette and casino games in general, but knowing where to find gripping mobile casino games in Canada is a whole new topic. If you like playing mobile casino roulette, then you might be familiar with American Roulette. This popular table game is enjoyed throughout casinos all over the world, but more particularly in the US and Canada. It would also be fair to say it’s one of the most played casino games ever, and more recently, also one of the best mobile casino games on the internet. Fervent gamblers thrive on this game for its realistic chances of winning, and its extensive variety of wagers on offer. The game originated in France, and the rules have pretty much remained the same since it was invented, but the basics for American Roulette requires each player to use a different chip colour, and the wheel is numbered one to 36 and 00, whereby the double 00 provides a greater edge compared to traditional European Roulette. Although the rules are slightly different, the game is fairly the same and now, being available on mobile, more promising than ever. We’re delving a bit deeper into mobile casino roulette and providing useful tips to help you find top mobile casino games in Canada.

How To Play

The American Roulette wheel is made up of 38 segments, and includes numbers 1-36, 0 and 00. The numbers are seen as red and white, while the two zero segments are green in colour. The main objective of this game is to predict which segment the roulette ball will land on. Players first have to make bets on a particular number or colour, after which the dealer spins the roulette wheel in one direction, and tosses the roulette ball in the complete opposite direction. Once the ball lands on a particular segment with that particular number, the successful players are paid. Keep in mind that, after selecting the lucky roulette table, all players are required to exchange either cash or regular casino chips with the dealer. Players get different coloured chips, in order to prevent confusion for payouts. In addition, all 38 numbers are placed identically on the wheel, so the ball has an equal chance to settle in any of the pockets – it as simple and easy as that.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a table game lover and you consider yourself an undefeated champion, then we would highly recommend that you give American Roulette a shot. It’s one of those games that you just can’t go wrong with, and no matter the outcome of the bet, it remains the fun, thrilling game that we’ve come to know today. It’s one of the most successful mobile casino games in Canada, and its winning potential is far better than any table game we’ve seen thus far. Most online casinos in Canada have included American roulette to their gaming portfolio, and based on its popularity, it’s fast becoming one of the best mobile casino games to date. If you haven’t already, then give mobile casino Roulette a try. Be warned though: it’s incredibly enticing and might just go up as your favourite when you do!