Atlantic City Blackjack

If you like mobile casino blackjack, then this variant was made with you in mind. Firstly, Atlantic City is a famous gambling destination that attracts players from all corners of the world - its home to some of the most popular casino resorts, and is the birthing place of the Atlantic City Blackjack game. As the name suggests, it originated in Atlantic City, and was predominantly first played in land-based casinos. So, already we can tell that it carries enough weight to have its own variant, because this metropolis isn’t known as a gambling hotspot for nothing. Atlantic City Blackjack has a unique take on the traditional game that we’ve come to know, but these features have introduced a fresh but exciting game that newbies and experienced gamblers alike will enjoy.  It’s now available as a mobile casino blackjack game, and it’s been labelled as one of the mobile casino games in Canada. We are interested in knowing what makes it the best mobile casino game, and exactly how it’s played. Let’s put mobile casino blackjack under the microscope, so as to put you two steps ahead of the game.

How To Play

The basics of Atlantic City Blackjack are no different from the original, and it might surprise you to know that the rules for blackjack are universal across all casinos. As for this game, it’s quite simple: the dealer must draw to all totals of sixteen or less, but anything between seventeen and twenty-one requires a stand. Players are allowed the option of doubling down on any hand, and may split any pair. Doubling after a split is welcome, but re-splitting is not allowed, as only one card each is allowed on split Aces. So if, for instance, you are dealt a ten card and you have a split Aces, your hand’s value is automatically twenty-one, but it won’t be considered blackjack. The Atlantic City rules generally work in favour of the player, while blackjack pays 1 ½ to 1, and if your stake involves insurance on a dealer, Ace will pay 2 to 1, allowing you to place a bet against the dealer’s possible blackjack hand. But keep in mind that this option only becomes available if the dealer’s first card is an Ace, and it will cost you half your original stake. Ultimately, the aim then is still the same: beat the dealer by getting as close to the number twenty-one as you can.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to know that the rules for mobile casino blackjack remain the same throughout all casinos. So, if you already know how to play blackjack, then mastering later variants will be a breeze. Needless to say, as unpredictable as this game is, those in the know understand its payout potential, and that’s what keeps them coming back for more – which is probably why it’s called one of the best mobile casino games in Canada. Whether you choose to hit or fold, blackjack is an exciting game in itself, and the different variants further enhance its natural thrill. Most online casinos in Canada offer this interesting title, amongst many others. Remember the name: Atlantic City Blackjack – it could be your go-to game before you even know it!