An Introduction To Online Bingo

People play casino games for a variety of reasons. Some play for the competitive aspect of gaming, some play to strike it rich, some play to hang out with their friends while others just game casually to pass the time.

Bingo is one of those games that appeal to all sorts of players. It is a game that fulfils many needs for many players, and perhaps that is why we are still playing the game almost 500 years after it came to the fore!

In fact, it may be the rise of online casinos that has given the game of Bingo a new lease of life. A whole new demographic has found out just how much fun this game can be.

What You Need In Order To Play

Since online Bingo is all digital, you will only need a casino account, some money deposited into that account and fingers to tap the screen. Playing Bingo at an Android casino makes the whole experience so simple and easy to manage. You can use smooth touch screen controls to manage your Bingo cards and daub your numbers, or you can use the in-game setting to adjust the play mechanics to automatically daub your numbers.

You can even adjust the in-game settings to help you manage multiple Bingo cards at the same time. Usually you will only be able to play as many Bingo cards as you can keep track of, which for most people is a maximum of 3. Since online Android Bingo helps manage your games, you can play as many cards a game as you can afford.

Basic Online Bingo Rules

There is not much to learn if you are new to Bingo. There is a Bingo player and a Bingo caller. The Bingo player purchases a card which features random sets of numbers arranged on a special grid. Each card you purchase will have a unique set of numbers on it.

The Caller will announce 1 number from a pool of numbers, usually 75 or 90 numbers depending on the game variations, but with games like speed Bingo that number pool can be as low as 30. In land based Bingo the Caller will use a special hopper from where he will manually draw a numbered ball.

Online Bingo streamlines this process and uses special RNG software to randomly draw a number from the available pool. This number will be displayed on your device’s screen and you can mark it off, or you can automate the process to automatically cross off the drawn number.

Winning with Online Bingo

There are a few ways that a player can win in Online Bingo. Payouts are awarded based on how many numbers are matched on your Bingo card, or in what configuration you match numbers.

For instance if you match 4 numbers in a grid or row you will get a specific payout. If however you match a certain amount of numbers spread across the card you may also win a cash prize but less than you would by making the unique patterns.

The American Rules

American Bingo is one of the most common forms of Bingo to be found online because it features only 75 balls in the number pool. This means you have better winnings odds than for instance UK Bingo which features 90 balls. American Bingo is played on a 5 x 5 grid with randomised numbers appearing in each column.

The columns are limited to 15 consecutive numbers each, of which 5 are randomly assigned to the 5 open squares.

The UK Rules

UK Bingo consists of a 90 ball number pool, but the Bingo cards feature 3 rows and 15 columns. Each column will consist of 3 numbers, again randomised but here each column will feature 9 consecutive numbers that can be chosen from.

Live Bingo

Live Bingo is a popular online Bingo option where a real person will host a live Bingo game in a studio. Players join via streaming video and they can see the Bingo caller manually draw the Bingo balls from a hamper.

Some people like live Bingo because they feel it is more fair since numbers are drawn in the traditional way, while other prefer it because you can interact with a real Bingo caller.

Social Gaming

Online Bingo features great-integrated instant chat options so you can chat with other like-minded Bingo maniacs. Bingo has always been a social experience and it adds immensely to the online experience being able to still keep that social element going.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with Bingo lingo so you can talk the talk and not seem like a noob.

Why Play Mobile Bingo?

Online Bingo puts all the best Bingo games in one spot; so serious Bingo players have instant access to the best games that are available.  No land based hall can compete with the gaming options available to online Bingo players.

An excellent instant win game, online Bingo can be enjoyed on your Android device, anywhere, anytime. Get started playing now!