Keen On Online Keno?

Everybody is familiar with the lottery and Bingo, two very popular games that can pay off in a big way, but not so familiar to most people is the game of Keno.

Keno shares its roots with both lottery and bingo style games, but it has carved out its own identity in the world of online gaming. Keno is simple to learn and play, not to mention it is perfect for mobile gamers as the simple controls are ideal for touch screens.

If you are a fan of either lottery games, instant win games or bingo and you haven’t tried Keno, online casinos give you the perfect opportunity to experience something new. Just like other casino games, you can try out a few free Keno games to get a feel for it.

The Rules Of Keno

To play Keno, a player must pick a set of numbers from a pool that ranges between 1 and 80. In land based Keno you would mark your numbers on a special Keno card, but online Keno lets you simply tap the numbers you wish to pick on your screen.

Keno games are usually unique in the amount of numbers they allow you to pick. Usually players must pick between 2 and 10 numbers while other games let you pick between 1 and 15 numbers.

Once you have made your number selection, the game will randomly select 20 of the 80 available numbers. In live Keno the numbers will be drawn from a hopper with 80 balls in it while in online Keno, the game’s software will use a random number generator to pick the 20 numbers.

Any numbers picked by the game that the player has marked down will be referred to as the catch for the player and he or she will be awarded payouts according to a Keno pay table.

How To Play Mobile Keno

Mobile Keno can come in one of two forms. You can either play online Keno which is a virtual game that looks, feels and plays just like the real thing, or you can play Live Keno, where a real person in a studio will spin an actual hopper with the numbered Keno balls and draw them as they would at a land based Casino.

Players can also choose to play Keno directly in their browser or they can download an Android online casino app, install it on their device and easily access their Keno games whenever they feel like a game or two.

Keno Game Variants

There are many Keno variants available from various developers. They can differ in their basic rules, and of course may differ in their payouts. All online Keno games openly display their pay tables in game, so to get the best Keno experience you need to find the most generous pay tables.

Keno games will pay out more the less numbers you pick. In other words, picking 5 numbers and making a catch will be more rewarding than picking 15 numbers and making a catch since the odds differ between the total numbers picked. For the most rewarding pay tables, you can check out our recommended online Android casinos!