Effective Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a much loved casino game that offers so many great betting options. For centuries the battle has raged over which Roulette strategy can be considered the most effective.

Modern mathematics have shown that there isn’t really one system that will make you a sure fire winner, but that hasn’t stopped players and statisticians from trying to compile smart betting strategies that can potential turn into rewards in the long run.

Roulette strategies tend to focus on the even money Black/Red bets on the Roulette table and they make use of a methodical, systematic approach to placing your wagers.

The Most Popular Roulette Strategy

Easily one of the most popular ways to win in Roulette is the Martingale system. This is a betting strategy where you increase your wagering amount after any losses. The idea is that your next win will recover all previous losses that have been made.

This is definitely an effective system in the long run, but usually players will push the system too far and end up with insurmountable losses.

To use the Martingale system, you double your placed wager after a loss. This system must only be used on the red/black even money bets. You simply double your wager amount after every loss as eventually your colour will come up and you win your losses back, plus make a tidy profit.

The Martingale System definitely works but do not chase more and more profits. After a win following a long losing streak it is always better to either cut your losses or start the wager cycle again from the start with your basic starting wager. Do not keep doubling the wagers.

The Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is another mechanical Roulette betting system where you simply use basic maths to determine your next wagers and essentially tick off winning amounts until you reach a set winnings goal.

The system starts with players writing down a fixed sum, your ideal winning amount you want to walk away with. Then you split that amount into progressive values. Say you wish to win 150. You then make a list that has a 10,20,30,40 and 50 on it, which all add up to your ideal winning total.

To wager you add the first and last numbers in the sequence and bet on an even money wager. If you win, remove those numbers from the list and repeat with the next set of numbers (20 and 40 in this example). If you lose, add the two numbers together and add the total as the new last figure.

On a small scale this system can work, but in just a few wagers the bet values can become untenable. Rather stick with the Martingale system.

Other Roulette Betting Strategies

There are other ways to make strategic wagers like Oscar’s Grind, The Paroli, the Shotwell, but none of them are quite as simple or instantly rewarding as the Martingale or the Labouchere.

Sticking with the Martingale and the Labouchere systems when you start is a good idea and once you have them figured out, try and experiment with other strategies for fun at any of our great Android casinos.