Fun and Exciting Online Scratch Cards

The top Canadian online casinos offer players a great range of instant win online scratch cards. These cards can be purchased in a variety of financial denominations and are designed to suit all budgets and bankrolls. The more expensive the card you purchase, the bigger the reward when you match the symbols!

How To Play Scratch Cards

Scratch cards online are very easy to play. You simply purchase your cards from your favourite online casino and scratch off the covered areas to reveal prizes. Once you have picked the cards you wish to play, you can either manually use your mouse on your computer to click and uncover the prizes, or you can use your finger across your touch screen if you are playing mobile scratch card games.

For the scratch card players who simply want to get things going fast, there is the option to automatically uncover all the symbols. This will speed up the games, but at the same time take away from the magic of scratch cards.

Just like with regular scratch cards, you will need to match a certain number of symbols or values before you can claim a prize. All online scratch cards will include a pay table section where you can see which symbols award what prizes.

Types Of Scratch Cards

 Just like with slots games, Android mobile scratch card casino games have a very simple game play design, which means that developers can let their imagination run wild as long as the core scratch card elements remain in place.

This has lead to a huge library of scratch card games that are colourful to look at and fun to play. There are cards themed on just about everything and slick animations make game play all the more exciting.

Increasing Your Winnings

To get the most from your online scratch cards, always play a few cards in free play mode. That way you can get a feel for a game, see what prizes are available, and also see how volatile the scratch cards are. Just as with other online real money casino games, different scratch cards will offer different payout ratios.

This means that you can look for the highest paying scratch cards at your favourite online casino, and then compare their different payouts to find the most rewarding ones. It also helps to read the game’s rules as well as reviews to get a better idea of what you are letting yourself in for.

Where To Find Online Scratch Cards

You can find a variety of online scratch cards at casinos in their scratch card or instant win section. Instant win means that as soon as you have uncovered winning symbols, you can bank that cash into your player account.

In fact, since you won’t need to buy physical scratch cards, you never run the risk of losing them. There will always be a digital copy that acts as proof of your purchase.

You always need to make sure you play scratch cards at reliable and safe casinos, so check that your casino carries the correct licences and that they check their games for fairness through third party auditors! To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best online casinos in Canada, so you can sign up and start playing online scratch cards straight away!