Sic Bo Android Game

Sic Bo is a traditional table game that is usually played with dice. It originated in China, and quickly became popular throughout Europe and the USA in the 20th century. The online version, however, is fairly new and has become a top Android casino game amongst players over recent years. The design and interface of the table game are relatively straightforward with no flashy graphics or colours. The online version of the game is very similar to the standard version, especially in terms of betting and odds options. If you’re a rookie in the world of online gaming, then it may be best to try a simpler game first, as the Sic Bo Android game does require a fair amount of skill.  Bet sizes can be altered from 1.00 to 300.00 credits, and the game is compatible with PC, laptop, mobile and tablet devices. This review will, of course, be focusing on the mobile version of the game.

How to Play

Upon loading the game, you are greeted with a bottle-green screen. At the top of the screen, you’ll be able to see the dealer’s chips, with a tiny cage that contains a dice, as well as information regarding your previous dice throws. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a table which contains your betting options. The game is usually played with three dice, but players can also win with one or two correct throws. Betting options are as follows:

  • Small number: 4 to 10, this returns evens but loses on a triple
  • Big number: 1 to 17, also returns evens and loses on a triple
  • Totals: These are specific totals of 4 to 17 and returns 6/1 and 60/1 in relation to the paytable.
  • Matching Double: Landing on double one to six returns a total of 10/1
  • Matching Triple: Land matching triple one to six and receive a return of 180/1
  • Land on triple one to six and get a return of 30/1
  • If you get two dice combos, you’ll receive a return of 6/1
  • One single dice returns evens
  • Two correct dice results in a return of 2/1
  • Three correct dice gives a return of 3/1

Once you have grasped the above, you’ll need to choose your bet size, and place it on whatever your chosen prediction is. Click on the “roll” button, and watch as the game commences. This is definitely not your standard Android casino game, and at first sight the game might seem relatively complicated to understand, but after a few tries, you’ll find that your winnings will start tumbling in.

Where to Play

If the Sic Bo Android game has piqued your curiosity, then you’ll be able to give it a try at most leading Android casinos in Canada. We have to warn you though, once the fun begins, you’ll be very tempted to try some of the best Android Casino games in Canada, which can also be found at these sites! So, do yourself a favour, and test your lucky hand on the Sic Bo table game today!