Vegas Strip Blackjack

Mobile casino blackjack games are a dime a dozen nowadays, and it stands to reason – with online casino destinations popping up all the time, players of this classic table game are spoilt for choice. Of course, not all titles are created equal, and finding the best mobile casino game to suit your fancy can be something of a daunting task. Look no further than Vegas Strip Blackjack, the mobile casino blackjack offering that is easy to learn, a little trickier to master, and endlessly fun. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to access and play the game from your PC or mobile, because it’s been optimised to run across a variety of devices. Let’s take a closer look.

Playing Vegas Strip Blackjack

While there may be a multitude of different varieties of blackjack out there, the most basic rule has remained unchanged: beat the dealer by getting a score of (or as close as possible to) 21. For this reason, the game is also known as “Twenty One” in both English and a number of other languages. Vegas Strip Blackjack features a clear and easy-to-navigate interface, with the rules of the game being displayed on a little card in the corner of the screen. Clicking or tapping this little card will open up the basic rules of play, should you need a quick reference. Rather than use a single deck, Vegas Strip Blackjack utilises 4 card decks – to deter any would-be card counters – and in this version of the game, the dealer has to stand on 17.

Playing the game is easy. First, use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ icons to determine your bet size (from 1 to 200 credits). When you select ‘Deal’, the game begins. Both you and the dealer will be issued with 2 cards. Depending on the total value of your cards, you can either choose to ‘Hit’ and both be issued with another card, or ‘Stand’, in which the dealer issues himself another card and reveals their total. You can keep selecting ‘Hit’ to increase your chances of getting a score of 21, but you also run the risk of going over, in which you will ‘Bust’ and the dealer will win.

A unique addition to Vegas Strip Blackjack is the ‘Double’ feature. Here, after you’ve been issued the first 2 cards, you can double your initial bet before Hitting again. It’s an exciting means of upping your stakes, and is especially useful if you’re feeling confident that you won’t Bust. The game also allows you to take Insurance when the dealer draws an Ace, which is essentially half of your initial stake, which you will win back if he hits Blackjack.  

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason blackjack is such a popular casino choice, and probably the best mobile casino game, nowadays. The game itself has been around for long enough to be considered a classic, so knowing the basic rules will see you able to jump in and start winning almost instantaneously. Vegas Strip Blackjack is a staple amongst mobile casino blackjack games, and is sure to see you coming back time and again for more.

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