Vivo Gaming Online Software

Android gaming on a whole is a truly complex and interesting industry. You can literally manoeuvre yourself into the Play store and find any game you want. Android facilitates the talents of so many developers that there is now an app for anything, almost, and a game for every occasion.  The extent to which Android casino gaming has spread is very impressive, and the kind of gaming innovation in this sector of gaming is just as impressive. The range of Android casino games that exists today is inspiring and the amount continues to grow thanks to inventive minds like Vivo Gaming. 

Vivo Gaming’s speciality is live dealer casino gaming and the provision thereof. The addition of live dealer casino games to the already extensive range of Android games that exist has only served to make playing even more appealing. Live dealer games like the ones by Vivo Gaming have given players the tools to experience games in a way not made possible before. If you’re looking to enjoy games that bring you in direct contact with the real thing, then you’ve got to try out the live dealer casino games by Vivo Gaming.

Vivo Commitment to Quality

Creating and supplying live dealer casino games differs greatly from the process of providing what we can now term as regular Android casino games. Both factions can be classed under the term ‘Android casino games’ but the two couldn’t be further from one another. Regular Android casino games are completely digital and made up of graphics, sounds and a random number generator. Live dealer games on the other hand such as the ones created by Vivo are real. These games have used some of the technology developed through the internet casino industry but have infused this tech with their own tech to make live dealer games available directly to the player.

Real freedom means never having to leave your home. Live dealer gams by Vivo Gaming can be enjoyed on your desktop PC or your Android smartphone and to make sure these games are conveyed as if youwere sitting at a table inside an actual casinos, Vivo places tremendous focus on game integrity, risk management and fraud and security.

Vivo’s Live Dealer Games

Vivo Gaming was founded in 2009 and has since committed itself to making and broadcasting live dealer games of the highest waters. The company offers all the card and table games you’d get from a brick and mortar casino while also infusing these games with their own unique features.  The following live dealer casino games for Android are part of the Vivo range:

  • Live Dealer Baccarat
  • Lice Dealer Craps
  • Live Dealer Dragon Tiger (Casino Ware)
  • Live Dealer Roulette
  • Live Dealer Poker
  • Live Dealer Sic Bo

To date these games offer the most realistic means by which to play for real wins.  The type of technology used to make these games a reality is the result of joint efforts. Aside from the fact that you’ll be able to look at and interact with a real croupier/dealer, Vivo has also added some its own features to enhance the way you’ll experience the games.

Features of Vivo

The inventive minds at Vivo Gaming have inserted special features into the live dealer games to enhance the gaming experience. In the end what you get are more ways to bet and more ways to win.  Things like Side Bets and Bet Behinds allow you to play while waiting on your turn. Gaming variation means there more than one version of live dealer blackjack for you to choose from. Mini side games allow for you to play another game while you’re enjoying your main game. A multi user interface lets you see how your fellow players are faring and then there’s multi-gaming that lets you bet on more than one table at a time.