Mobile Casino Device Guidelines

The Android / iOS argument is a persistent one, with Apple and Google having been in the grip of a constant battle for ultimate control over the smartphone market for going on half a decade now. As far as the end user is concerned, this is by no means a bad or negative thing. After all, a little healthy competition goes a long way towards the development of quality online casino products. Competition is always a healthy instalment in any market that prides itself as being a free trade market and one that is focused on the needs of the many as opposed to the needs of a select, and usually elite, few.

For the longest time it has been Apple’s iOS smoking the victory pipe, but in recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in the other direction. When positioning the differences on the scales of perspective, and objectivity relating to everything from ease of use to affordability, the reading is a surprising one that easily challenges all previous presupposed ideas regarding the current state of affairs.

Despite the many opposing views held by the sceptics, a sober consideration of the facts tells a very pro-Android story indeed! Our guide will tell you all about this OS and iOS, and what each OS has to offer, along with the most popular devices for each.

From A User’s Point Of View

Android’s app store is officially known as Google Play. The most notable difference between Google Play and Apple’s app store, is that Android has taken a much more lenient approach towards third party sources. Apple is notorious for having gone the prison-wall route, not letting anything other than Apple-developed or endorsed software, in or out. With Apple, it’s all about exclusivity. Unlike Android, seemingly preferring the open to all route.

Admittedly, the reason cited by Apple for its stone-cold approach, is a valid one. Third party software isn’t always traceable back to the original source, making it a bit touch and go at times. This is something that cannot be ignored in a digital age plagued by constant and extreme cyber crimes. That having been said, users are a great deal more tech-savvy and aware than in the past and therefore more inclined to successfully identify the flickering red lights of a dangerous digital playground.

Apple may very well be almost as out of line trying to decide what flies and what not in terms of software, on behalf of their users, as what they have been in the recent battery spat.

It’s a fact: we want the benefit of choice.

Money Matters

The general assumption is a sobering one: Apple users have money to spend on expensive applications. Logic dictated squarely by the fact that Apple users have, at the time of wanting to buy apps, already blown more than just a few shekels on the necessary hardware. Let’s not beat around the bush, Apple’s devices don’t come cheap.

Android, on the other hand, is the operating system of choice for many of brands offering smartphones at affordable prices. It basically comes down to one thing leading to another: the market dynamic dictates the going rate. More people are inclined to use the more affordable option, whatever that may be, and with Android running on so many of these cheaper devices, the applications are much cheaper by default.

Android then, leading the way from pole position as far as affordability goes.

What About The Games?

No exposition would be fair or complete without having answered the billion-dollar question: how do casino games perform on Android vs. iOS? Apple has managed to devise a very intricate and hardware-centred system. This applies to all Apple products; iPhones, tables and Mac systems. As such, developers have been more inclined to develop software that will do the complicated hardware justice. Whilst this certainly makes sense, over-shooting has been known to complicate the smooth running of electronic processes.

In practise, this becomes obvious when looking at over-all performance. Admittedly, it once again comes down to the whole business of matching like with like. Developers have taken a much more creative approach when developing casino games and other software for Android, trying to capitalise on the available resources. There are generally more online slots and casino games available for Android than for iOS, and this makes it the preferred platform of many an avid player.

Necessity being the mother of invention, this creativity under pressure has paid off in a big way for Android with software and games delivering a better performance all-round than in the stifling eco-system of their tight-lipped counterpart.

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