Android vs. iOS

When talking smart-phone operating systems, there really are only two notable players in the market: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Both serve the mobile casino market well, with supported apps aplenty in favour of each. However, apart from the actual Android slots and gaming applications, there are a number of other differences to take into account before picking a side.

The Matter Of Price

It’s a fact; Apple products don’t come cheap. And really, it’s always been this way. The recent release of the iPhone X put a whole new spin on the price issue. Apple’s newest brainchild will set you back a cool $1,000 – and that’s for the entry-level version.

Android, on the other hand, is an everyman’s option. There are expensive Android devices on the market, but there are also affordable options that don’t seem to compromise too much on quality in general. What’s more, Android leads the market as far as free apps are concerned. This does make for a pretty compelling argument in favour of the ‘Droid, especially when you consider the best Canadian casinos all offer apps for this OS.

Bringing It Together

It really is a bit tricky trying to organise hundreds of apps on one smart device and the truth is, neither of the two major players have perfected this to date. Android’s Play Store is every bit as random and willy-nilly as the Apple App Store. On the up side, mobile casino enthusiasts generally know what they’re looking for and where to find it, and the best Android slots games are often ones that have already been enjoyed on desktop.

Comparison-wise, there really isn’t much of a difference in this department and both app stores are on par.

The Barge Of The Charge

Battery life is a big concern for mobile casino fans. No frustration quite matches that of being on an Android slots winning streak and having your smartphone’s battery die on you. This is a difficult comparison to be making mainly because there is no common hardware from which point to make said comparison. Whilst the powers that be behind iOS have done everything in their power to optimise battery life, there are larger than life batteries out there for Android, easily able to out-play any iOS-powered device.

Both offer power saving tips and tools that extends general battery life by limiting overall performance and whilst this is all good and well when the device is in resting mode, it’s quite irrelevant when engaging in online games on a mobile casino platform.

In iOS’ defence, they have recently jumped onto the fast-charge wagon, a concept that was previously only available to Android users. It must be mentioned that modern-day Android devices generally come with a fast-charge cable right in the box, whilst Apple isn’t quite as freely giving and generous.  


Whilst this doesn’t have too much bearing on mobile casino sites and applications in general, updates do affect the overall performance of a smart device. iOS is the absolute market leader in this department, with updates running smoothly and being consistently available. If the latest bug fixes, upgrades and general make-it-better’s are what you’re after, then iOS is without a doubt the pick of the week for you, but if cost, versatility and the opportunity to choose from several different brands of phone are preferred, then Android is tops. As you can see, it’s a tricky one!