Google Play and Apple App Stores Compared

Most players with Android and iOS mobile devices are familiar with Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The stores are where they know they will find all sorts of gaming and other apps; but how do the stores compare to one another?

If you have an Android mobile device and are considering getting an iPhone, or vice versa, the experience offered by Google Play Store and Apple App Store might just be the crunch factor. After all, apps make smartphones exciting. Without them, they are nothing more than fancy telephones with cameras.

Variety of Apps

An importance difference between the app stores for Android and iOS devices is the type of apps available. You need to be aware of this, especially if you plan on getting a tablet in addition to a smartphone.

The Android operating system is used by a vast number of smartphones and tablets, so while apps for the Android may take longer to be released than the same apps for iOS, the wait means there is a good crossover between Android smartphones and tablets.

Likewise, you can use many iOS apps with ease on iPhones and iPads. There are more iPhone-specific and iPad-specific apps than you think, so you would need to ensure that the apps you want are available for your device. However, for your peace of mind most online casinos offer casino apps for both Android and iOS.

App Page Layouts

There is a big difference between the layout of each app’s dedicated page on the Google Play and Apple App stores. In this case, the Google Play Store gets in right in so many ways.

Let’s say you searched for a Poker app on the Play Store using your smartphone. You spot a search result that looks interesting, and tap through to the app’s page.

The description of the app is the first thing that appears below the Install button. It is, of course, just a teaser, but the Read More button is unmissable. If the teaser has whet your appetite, there is a good chance you will tap the Read More button to find out more. That is before you have even got to the gallery of images.

In the Apple App Store, the layout differs considerably depending on the size of your iPhone screen. If your screen is not big enough, the app description is not very. Apple App Store’s app page Read More buttons receive half as many taps as those on the Google Play Store.

However, if you like visuals, the Apple App Store is a winner. The image gallery is one of the first things you see on an app page, and the numbers show that its placement results in more scroll-throughs than the galleries on Google Play Store pages.

Quality and Security

The approach to app developers taken by the 2 app stores has a significant impact on quality and security. Google Play Store is developer-friendly, which means the quality of apps available varies considerably.

Apple App Store takes a different approach, and subjects all submissions to stringent checks and quality standards. The review process is a lengthy one, but it does mean that the apps available on the store are of the highest standards.

At the end of it all, it comes down to whether you think the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store best meets your gaming app needs.