The Most Popular Mobile Device in Canada

Whether for work emails, or playing at the best Android casinos available, smartphone use is on the rise. This article looks at the most well-liked handsets from 2017 for users hailing from the uppermost region of North America, and according to stats, Samsung is the overall brand leader every time.

Samsung Galaxy S6

First on the list is the high-end Samsung Galaxy S6 with its glossy glass-and-matte metal body, upgraded fingerprint reader, and advantageous new camera shortcut key. Furthermore, Samsung’s decluttered presentation of the Android 5.0 offers Canadians the chance to enjoy Android slots, take first-rate photographs as they wish to, and simply be dazzled by its design as well.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The amazing AMOLED displays from Samsung have long been one of the best parts of its S-series smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 is no exception. It may not feature the undulating sides of the S7 Edge, but this 5.1 inch, 2560x1440 resolution display has an incredibly sharp pixel density, 557 ppi, and its quality cannot be denied. The Canadian Android casinos players choose to patronise will never have looked this good!

Even the most graphically demanding Android slots games, for example, will run smoothly, and players will not have to find a way to deal with lags and battery drains. When gameplay heats up this phone will not, so Canadians can keep their cool and concentrate on taking home the big win.

Samsung Galaxy S5

When Canadians enjoy the best android casinos by means of the Samsung Galaxy S5, they don’t have to worry about knocking a beverage onto the handset, or dropping it in the excitement of a win. This smartphone is water-resistant, and, further, one of the finest phones available these days. The update to the Android 5.0 Lollipop has given the handset an additional boost, too.

This smartphone is capable of playing any Android slots you care to mention, and you will be astounded at the high-quality experience you are able to enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Canadians can watch the movies they want to see, view the photos they have taken, or play the Canadian Android casinos finest offerings in vibrant, true-to-life colours on the advanced display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. The fact that the screen optimisation is automatic means that you will be enjoying a crisper, more vivid experience than ever before, no matter what you end up doing.

Thanks to the fact that is has IP67-certified resistance to both dust and water, this phone will suit outdoors adventurers down to the ground. You don’t ever have to worry about the conditions you are heading into, and can simply take your handset with you, enjoying Android slots games and more from wherever life takes you.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo more than measures up when compared to what else is available in today’s market. The screen and camera remain excellent, and this handset definitely has an edge over some of the more expensive mid-range alternatives.

Canadians who enjoy playing at the best android casinos have voted and been heard!