Playing Video Poker On An Android Device

It’s a well-known fact that Video Poker offers some of the best odds in the casino, whether land-based, online or mobile. Nowadays, being able to play Video Poker at one of the top online casino Canada has to offer is a real coup, and being able to use your Android to join in the fun makes it even more worthwhile.

The premise behind playing Video Poker at a casino online on an Android device is a simple one, and one that is easily explained and understood. You’ll need to know how the game works, but you can earn this with ease, as the set up is simple and the layout well suited to the smaller screen of a mobile device. The touchscreen of an Android smart phone or tablet also makes playing so much more interactive and engaging, and you’ll really feel a part of the game.

Video Poker On the Go

Each game of Video Poker follows the same order, regardless of which Android online casino you choose to play at. Five cards are dealt and the player decides which cards to keep and which to discard by tapping on the images of the cards on the screen. In the event that you end up with a winning Poker hand, your winnings will depend on the particular paytable of the mobile Video Poker machine that you are playing at.

Familiarising yourself with the basics of traditional Poker hand rankings will go a long way when playing Video Poker on an Android device for the very first time.

Great Odds

A decided positive when playing Video Poker on a mobile Android device, is that you will always know exactly what the Return To Player (RTP) percentage is before you have even started to play. The RTG is determined by the paytable of the particular Video Poker game that you have elected to access.

In order to explain the weight of exactly how difference Video Poker is, consider the run of the mill slots machine. On an ordinary slots machine, the RTP percentage isn’t always precisely determinable, and it’s always around a set percentage, not exact. The odds are mostly a complete mystery, leaving you in the dark of what your odds of winning are.

Determining which game in a mobile online casino’s portfolio offers the best Return To Player percentage is the first step to getting more bang for of your buck.

The Essentials: Getting It Right

The best way to succeed at anything is to have a strategy. Getting started with playing Video Poker on an Android device is simple, given that the right strategy is implemented:

  • Start by picking a game. If you’re a lover of traditional Poker, then Jacks or Better is a great choice, as this is an original Video Poker title, closely based on traditional Poker.
  • Learn a strategy. Even better: learn more than one strategy. Do your homework before you start playing.
  • Practice makes perfect. Practicing will allow you to become familiar with Video Poker and learn the finer nuances of the game. This will, in the end, equip you with the best possible chance at winning.
  • Find the good games. They are out there! Do not settle for the first Video Poker game that appears on the screen of your Android mobile device. Compare paytables and then decide what works for you and what doesn’t. Some games offer a much better Return To Player percentage than others. Start with those and work from there.
  • Familiarise yourself with the basic concept of odds. Consider the following scenario: hitting a royal flush is likely to happen once in every 40,000 attempts. These are the estimated odds. The trick? Play more often. The closer you get to 40,000 the better your chances of scoring big!

Playing Video Poker on your Android at an online casino Canada has to offer is easy, convenient and fun, and you can pop a word of entertainment in your pocket and access it anywhere you please, anytime!