Differences in Depositing on Mobile and Desktop

The debate on which is better, mobile casinos or desktop casinos is a long one, but when it comes to making a deposit and playing for real money there are several key differences. While Canadian mobile casinos online try their best to offer the same great experience as their online counterparts, they are limited in size, and in some cases, in functionality. It’s these factors that cause the biggest differences between depositing online at one of the online desktop casinos Canada has to offer, and making a deposit at a mobile casino in browser, or via app.

A Different Look and Feel

If you have ever visited a mobile casino online on your desktop and then on your handheld later on, you may have noticed that they can look vastly different. The main reason for this is screen optimisation. When you sign up at casino mobile online site you’ll notice that the casino has been pared down, and that the design is far simpler to suit a smaller screen. This is to ensure that the casino runs smoothly on a handheld device, and that there is not too much clutter.

The banking or cashier pages at a mobile casino online may look different too, and they may require you to enter your details step by step, rather than on a single page. This may take a bit longer as you have to click through to the next page each time, rather than filling in all the required fields and then hitting submit.

As far as possible, mobile casinos have been designed to be user-friendly, so the depositing experience will be simple, fast and straightforward too. Some players may still prefer to make a deposit via their desktop and play on their mobile, but that’s up to you!

More Banking Options for Desktop

The average online desktop casino Canada has to offer will have provide a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal options, and will have some, or all of the following banking mechanisms available:

  • eWallets
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Bank Transfer

Within each of these categories there are sure to be several options, such as Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard for eWallet, and Visa and MasterCard for credit card. At a mobile casino online you may find that the same categories are covered but there are a reduced number of options. For example, only Skrill or Neteller may be available as an eWallet option. If you are playing in an app the number of payment options may be reduced too, as this helps keep the size of the app down, rather than having to integrate with several different mechanisms.

That being said, you won’t struggle to find the payment option you prefer when you are at a mobile casino online. By far and large the majority of the most popular choices are widely available for mobile users. Desktop casinos may feature more options in general, but that does not mean that mobile casinos make depositing difficult at all.

Speed and Security

At any online or mobile casino online, security is a top priority, and this is even truer when making a deposit. Fortunately both online and mobile casinos employ stringent safety measures to ensure that all your deposits are secure, and that your details and funds are never compromised.

Desktop users may feel that they have better security, as online casinos have a longer track record, but mobile users can rest assured that their deposits are just as safe, and even though mobile gaming is far newer, it has advanced in leaps and bounds.

Players Have Their Own Preferences

At the end of the day, whether you choose one of the great online desktop casino Canada sites or are sticking to your mobile, there are benefits and disadvantages for both.