Direct Bank Transfer Solutions

A Direct Bank Transfer is a fast, effective and efficient means by which to move cash between two places. Its use spans the internet from merchant to merchant and thus it’s not just ideal for Android casino deposits and withdrawals, although its use is quite prevalent in gaming and gambling; if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. A Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) in its simplest form is simply a moving of cash between your bank account and another one, in this context, your Android casino account, but this isn’t the only type of DBT out there. 

Quite often a Direct bank Transfer can be facilitated by means of a payment mechanism that we could term as a middle-man mechanism as well, which will login to your bank account and then remove the funds and place it in your casino account.

DBT Basics

If you’re new to the whole Android casino gaming scene, then a Direct Bank Transfer can seem like a slight hassle. This is understandable, after all, you’ll need the casino’s banking details and in some cases it can take between 3 to 5 days for the transfer to be completed. This is probably why a DBT is not the most popular choice. To remedy this cumbersome situation, the industry has sprouted DBT companies, the middle-man banking mechanisms we mentioned before, to make the process much faster.

Direct Transfer Options

Direct Transfer mechanisms are composed of quite a few questions and in many cases, these payment mechanisms are region specific. The ones we’re now referring to are similar to e-wallets in that you need to register an account. The mechanism then provides a drop down menu of all the banks it’s associated with and you choose your bank from this list. After this you key in your banking login details - rest assured, this is safe - and the mechanism connects to your bank account and then transfers it to your Android casino account. The beauty of it all is that the transfer happens in seconds to minutes, whereby letting you play almost immediately. Options available include:

  • Fast Bank Transfer
  • eCheck
  • Instant Banking by Citadel
  • iDebit
  • InstaDebit

If you’re wondering why there are so many when all in fact provide the same service, then ask yourself why so many banks exist while they all fulfil the same essential functions. People need variety, the market needs competition and just like banks, each one has its own unique little offerings – lower rates, better returns, extra services etc. The same can be said for these DBT solutions. The availability of various direct transfer solutions also means that you’ve got another way to work with your money. If a prepaid voucher or an e-wallet hasn’t worked for you thus far, then perhaps this is the one that will.

Safe, fast and effective, that’s the direct bank transfer mantra. You can be sure of its availability at any one of our Android casinos.