The Convenience of Mobile Sports Betting vs. Land-based

Canada is a country where sport plays an integral role in the function of societal collaboration. Just about everyone follows and supports a league or team of some kind. For as long as sport has been played in the country, people have been trying to predict the outcome of games, and for many Canadians, sports betting  is as much part of the game as the sponsors and the teams themselves.

In the past, if a punter wanted to place a bet on a local match or race, they would have to head down to the arena, track or local bookmaker in person. With the arrival of online platforms, backing your favourite to win has become a lot safer, easier and more convenient. To bet on the go, all you need is a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet and you can place multiple wagers on both local and international events.

What Your Mobile Has to Offer

For those who are unfamiliar with mobile sports betting it may seem like a strange way to go about things. In truth, this has actually become one of the easiest ways to get in on all the action. Since most people carry their smartphone or tablet with them at all times, a world of winning opportunities is always at your fingertips, and even in play bets can be placed at any time.

If we look at the logistics of land-based wagering, it requires driving to the nearest bookmaker or event location, waiting in line, completing a slip, and then returning to claim any winnings. This is both time consuming and not always very convenient, as it has to fit in around work and all other commitments.

Convenience and Speed

In comparison, you can use your smartphone just about anywhere there is a signal. The best mobile sports betting sites are open 24/7, with plenty of options for every type of punter. Additionally, there are numerous incentives offered to encourage punters to sign up. These incentive bonuses are something you won’t readily find at a land-based venue, making opting for the online arena even more rewarding.

Multiple Ways to Bet

You can use your smartphone or tablet to place bets at an optimized site, or you can download an app that facilitates these activities. All top-rated online bookmakers have apps that can be downloaded and installed on Android, Windows and iOS devices. These apps are easier to use, as you don’t have to navigate to the site on your browser, you simply open the app, sign in and go about all your activities on the go.

From an app you can top up your account, wager on local and international events and hundreds of markets. You can even cash out your winnings and transfer your funds into your bank account, web wallet or credit card.

A Wide Range of Options

When it comes to options, there are dozens of sports to choose from online, and thousands of markets for each. Punters can place bets on all the most popular options, including ice hockey, soccer, American football, baseball, tennis, cricket, rugby, volleyball, motor racing, horse racing and everything in-between. There is also the opportunity to predict the outcome of niche events like squash, chess, bandy, Gaelic football, Futsal or bowls or to try your hand at wagering on the financial, election and entertainment markets.

Safe, Secure Mobile Sports Betting In Canada

When it comes to security, using your handheld device is far more secure than you may have imagined. Every app or optimized site is fully secured with SSL encryption software, which means that all your personal data and financial transactions remain 100% private and secure at all times.

Overall, using your smartphone or tablet to back the team, athlete or horse you prefer is faster and far more convenient than visiting a land based bookmaker or tote.