Advantages Of Welcome Bonuses

At online casinos bonuses are not just rewards that can be awarded in a game that you have wagered real money on. Bonuses also refer to special offers players can claim simply by signing up or playing at a casino.

Bonuses offered to you when you sign up for the first time are known as Welcome Bonuses. They can also be called sign up bonuses, but the basics remain the same. The casino offers these bonuses so that new players can get a head-start in their real money gaming experiences, and they also serve as an incentive for sign up.

Depending on which casino you decide to join, the bonuses can have different criteria attached to them and different features, but as long you try one of our recommend casinos you are guaranteed a great experience, every time!

Your Welcome Bonus Options

There are generally three main options that fall under the Welcome Bonus umbrella.

  • Deposit bonus – This is the most common bonus option where a potential new player must make an initial deposit after, or when they sign up. They will then receive an additional cash deposit from the casino into their account, based on the size of their own deposit amount. You will generally need to meet a minimum deposit requirement to be eligible for these bonuses. The casino will match your deposit amount by a specific amount, generally 100% -200%, up to a certain limit.
  • No Deposit Bonus – the No Deposit bonus is generally a fixed sum that players will receive, simply for signing up. Your application will of course need to be fully approved before you can get this bonus cash, but it is still a sum awarded to players without them having to deposit their own money. This is a great way to get into real money gaming immediately. You will not receive a huge amount of cash to play with, but it will be enough to get you started, and any winnings you make are yours to keep.
  • Percentage Bonus – Similar to a Match Welcome Bonus, a percentage deposit sees the casino match the amount of your deposit. This is usually under a 100%, so you may get a 50% bonus on a sum over a certain amount. Often this type of bonus is awarded to those making larger deposits, so if you deposit $5000 you may receive 50% and have a starting figure of $7500 in your account from the get-go.

How To Claim Your Bonus

There are minimal requirements that need to be met with Welcome Bonuses. They are open to any player that signs up successfully at an online casino. You simply need a valid player account and a valid email address and you can claim your bonus.

A Welcome Bonus will be offered to you as soon as you start your membership application, but you can also ignore the bonus options and claim them once your application is completed. You will need to navigate to the bonus tab or the bonus section and click the options you wish to take part in.

The bonus cash will be deposited into your account as soon as the casino’s support staff has processed the bonus.

Are Bonuses Really Free?

In short, Welcome Bonus offers are not exactly free. You do not pay any admin or subscriptions fees to gain their benefits; but instead you need to meet wagering requirements. This means that in exchange for the free money the casino gives you, they will need an assurance from you, the player, that you will stay loyal to the casino for a set period. This is to prevent players from taking bonus offers and simply leaving the casino.

The wagering requirements state that you will promise to play a certain value in your own money at the casino. Until you do meet these wagering requirements, the casino will limit your withdrawals from your account.

Welcome bonuses are a great introduction to the online casino experience. Bonuses can boost your bankroll dramatically and have you playing for longer and betting bigger right from the start. They also improve your chances of winning, which is what we all want!