Online Video Poker

Video Poker was one of the first ever digital casino games developed. It is based on Five Card Draw Poker and it remains as popular in online casinos as it was at land-based casinos.

Video Poker is the perfect single player poker experience. It can come in many variations, but the basic gameplay remains the same. Players receive 5 cards and can choose to replace one or all of their cards, after which your hand is evaluated and a prize is awarded.

Payouts received will vary from game to game as the odds on offer differ depending on the rule variation of the game in question. All Video Poker games have a Return to Player of over 95%, with some versions offering players a house edge of as low as 1%.

Where To Find Video Poker

Video Poker is so popular that almost all online casinos will feature a section dedicated to this game. These sections will try and be as comprehensive as possible with their Video Poker offerings, but at the end of the day the casino decides who they want to cater to, so you won’t find huge selections at all sites. There are also single-hand and multi-hand games, and games that feature progressive jackpots, and each offers something special.

The Benefits Of Video Poker

Video Poker is a great game to play for a single player. It is ideal for people who are new to Poker and wish to learn the basic hand compositions, but it is equally fun for veteran Poker fans that are not interested in complicated and competitive tournaments.

Video Poker offers you concentrated and focused real money Poker action. You can find fun versions of Video Poker at our recommended online casinos that you can check out for free first, before switching to real money wagers.

Video Poker Variations

There are many versions of Video Poker available online, with some casinos offering more than 40 different styles. We’ve rounded up some of the most common and popular variants that you will find.

  • Jacks Or Better – The most popular and commonly played Video Poker game, Jacks or Better generally has a RTP of 99.54%. Many games include an Autoplay mode where the game will play with perfect strategy for you. The aim of the game is to make a hand of at least a pair of Jacks or better.
  • Ten Or Better – Tens or better lowers the minimum required hand to a pair of 10s, but the Full House and Flush payouts are generally at lower odds than Jacks or Better.
  • Joker’s Wild – This version of Video Poker follows the standard rules, but the deck of cards now includes a Joker card that can substitute for any other card required in order to complete a winning hand. It also adds an additional hand in the form of a 5 of a kind, which consists of a Four of a kind hand plus a Joker.
  • Deuces Wild – This variant takes the Joker’s Wild rules a step further and now all the 2s are wild cards. This game in theory can have an RTP of 100.8%, so variations of this game will have lower offered odds on payouts to adjust for this.
  • Bonus Poker –This variant follows standard Jacks or Better rules, but players will receive a bonus payout for a Four of a kind hand.

Fast, fun and far less pressured than table Poker games, Video Poker sees you build the best possible hand in a short period of time. You only have one chance to discard cards and get new ones to build a hand with a strong ranking, and thereafter your payout will be determined.