Aces & Faces Video Poker

In this day and age, online casinos tend to separate games into two categories: table games and online slots. The former, thanks to advanced video and gaming technology, is something of a look-and-feel experience. The sights and sounds of a video poker game or tournament tend to emulate the same ambience that one could expect in a real, land-based casino. Despite being massively popular – and understandably so – this isn’t for everyone. Some players want that straightforward, no frills, no fuss gaming experience. They want to play cards – without the cacophony. This is where Aces & Faces shines. It takes a back-to-basics approach in its appearance and delivery, and with the rising popularity of all things retro, this makes it a winner. Who needs bells and whistles and shimmering graphics when what they want is standard, simple winning. Let’s take a closer look.

Simple, Straightforward Satisfaction

Aces & Faces follows the same rules as your standard game of poker. There are 52 playing cards (no wilds), and players must use all of the cards in their hand to make the highest possible hand. They have the option, of course, of discarding or drawing up to five cards.

Players never need to click outside of the main game to see the paytable, which is clearly visible at all times, and shows the different payout ratios for achieving the various hands, including: Two Pairs, Straight Flush, Four Aces and more!

What’s more, clicking the paytable is how one places their bet. Players can choose between 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000. After that, it’s simply a matter of clicking “Deal” and deciding from there what to do with your hand. Select which cards you wish to hold or choose to draw. What’s more, the “Double” feature is a nifty means of multiplying any winnings! Advanced players will know exactly what to do, while novices can make use of the handy “Help” tab for some extra information and guidance.

Vintage is Back in Business!

With a minimum coin size of 0.25 and a max of 5.00, players are offered the opportunity to win up to 4000 coins – should they land themselves that lucky hand of a Royal Flush! The graphics are clear, the fonts basic and the sounds reminiscent of old computer games from the early 90s. Fans of flashier video poker games may turn their noses up at this number, but Aces & Faces deserves its place amongst the very best titles in the biz. Especially for players who aren’t entirely familiar with the rules and payouts of poker, Aces & Faces offers a seamless and enjoyable introduction.

So, without further ado, put on your poker face and head on down to Royal Vegas today, one of the best casinos for online slots! Sign up or log in and check out Aces & Faces. Enjoy some new age fun with a retro feel and blush and flush your way to some incredible winnings!

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