Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Even if you’ve never read the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, you’re sure to know the premise of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – the dark tale of a twisted doctor and his ability to transform into someone completely different, by means of a mysterious serum. While the original tale carries with it something of a sinister undertone, the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde mobile slots game from Betsoft is cute and quirky, and beautifully rendered in stunning 3D. Available at Mrplay.com – home to some of the best mobile slots in Canada – this game is sure to entertain from beginning to end. Let’s take a swig and see what this incredible title has to offer.

Symbols and Features

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a 3x5 mobile slot, and features a staggering 30 paylines. With a humble minimum bet of 0.02 credits, and a max of 100, the game is absolutely perfect for both newcomers to the world of mobile slots – who might prefer to place smaller bets – as well as high rollers.

Atmospheric audio and stellar graphics set the mood of the game, with the doctor pacing around in his laboratory in the background, andeerie moonlight shining in. The symbols of the game all pertain to the story, and feature Jekyll, Hyde, a spooky mansion, key in a keyhole, bloodstained book, police officer and newspaper. The game logo is Wild, but will only substitute for the Jekyll and Hyde symbols. You also have red and blue serum symbols, which activate some swell bonus features.

Landing red serums on either side of Dr. Jekyll will see all Jekyll, Hyde and Wild symbols turn into Wild Hydes. Should you land the blue serums on either side of Mr. Hyde, you’ll be awarded a random multiplier of up to 20x your initial stake. The serum symbols are also the key to some wicked bonus features.

The Frenzy Bonus is activated when you land Hyde on either side of a Wild symbol, and will see you guiding a monster through the narrow streets of London, avoiding policemen and stealing random prizes along the way. Landing Jekyll on either side of the Wild symbol will trigger the Potions Bonus. Here, you have to create an ‘anti-monster’ potion as quickly as possible. The faster you do, the bigger the prize – with a max of 160x your total stake.

At the bottom of the screen is a potions meter, which fills up gradually with every red serum symbol that lands on the second, third and fourth reels. Once you hit 100, the meter will be full and a round of Free Spins will be triggered. These spins will continue until you’ve collected 12 blue potions.

Where to Play

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is an absolutely stunning mobile slot. From the immersive gameplay, gorgeous graphics and captivating audio to the massive payout potential and entertaining bonus features, players are ensured a great time from start to finish. The game is available to play at Mrplay.com, which is renowned for serving up some of the best mobile slots in Canada. Make your way there today and enjoy this stellar mobile slot, amongst many more from Betsoft.