Jurassic Park™ Android Slots

The original Jurassic Park movie is more than 20 years old and remains a firm a favourite amongst cinephiles to this day. The story of Jurassic Park goes all the way back to 1983 when its writer, Michael Crichton first envisioned the story as a screenplay which developed into a novel published in 1990. Steven Spielberg adapted the novel into the biggest hit of 1993 and ever since this movie has been one constantly revisited by fans. Then in 2014, 21 years after the movie was released, Microgaming, through a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing released Jurassic Park Android Slots. In 1993 the original movie was noted for its breakthrough special effects and in the same spirit of giving the public something they hadn’t seen before, Microgaming set about giving players something they hadn’t seen yet.

You’re About to Enter the Park

With the release of Jurassic Park Android Slots, Microgaming wanted to give players a more immersive experience and to do this, the company developed new technology. Known as the parallax scrolling screen, this nifty little feature has been placed in the game to give players the impression of actually taking in the scenery while the reels spins. The parallax scrolling scene creates the illusion of a moving background. Combined with the unique sounds of the island, Microgaming has been able to immerse players more than they would with any of their other video slot games. The idea is for the player to think that he or she has actually entered the doomed park.

T-Rex Alert!

The biggest star of the original movie was the T-Rex and the same can be said about the Android slots game. The game itself operates off 5 reels and a 243 ways to win reward system which means that a win is achieved when three or more symbols appear consecutively from left to right. The T-Rex, the park’s most ferocious beast can emerge at any time during the base game in what’s known as the T-Rex Alert Mode. This feature lasts for 6 spins in a row, has the T-Rex walking behind the reels and can release up to 35 wilds symbols on to the reels!

Dinosaur-Sized Free Spins

Jurassic Park Android Slots will truly wow all who play with its impressive free spins feature. Access into this incredible part of the game can only be achieved when the scatter symbol (dinosaur egg) appears at least 3 times on the reels, triggering the free spins features. You’ll be taken to another part of the game where a total of 5 free spins bonus games are waiting, each represented by a different dinosaur and each one sporting its own features. You’ll ‘start with the T-Rex game which offers a total to 12 free spins and its own set of extras. You’ll start with the T-Rex until the 25th time you’ve entered the feature after which you can then choose which of the dinosaur’s bonus games you’d like to enter into. Jurassic Park Android Slots is an exciting casino with great visual and offers great potential for big wins.

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